June 28th, 2004


Interrupted, crappy sleep means I'll be wrecked at work tonight...

Bloody typical - I had tons to do today and I'll have to do all of it tommorrow, I am too tired and washed out to do the poetry reading this evening, and would have to walk there (50mins) to do it as I don't get paid till Wednesday...so sod it. I'm doing laundry and spot tidying instead.

I was supposed to be going in town, sweet-talking the bank (for what its worth - unlikely anyway), fetching various things and going to my mothers...but, stupidly, I started reading a book again last night which I have been ploughing through for a few weeks - about a quarter of the book to go before the end at about midnight...

Obviously, since it was nearing the end of the book, it picked up pace, got ooky-creepy, and I didn't put it down till I'd finished it at 3:30am.

All very well, but it utterly creeped me out and then I was all unsettled and couldn't relax - so I got up again and went online... Then went back to bed and tried to sleep - my brain wouldn't shut up so I made lists and played Mario Kart on my GBA sp...finally slept at about 7am...

But was woken again after 2 and a half hours by the postman with a recorded delivery for the middle flat at 9:30 - then I didn't sleep properly after that because there were people talking loudly, slamming the back door of the house and crunching the big gravelly stones in the courtyard directly outside my bedroom window.

Bastard interruptions - and now I'm too lethargic to do anything.


Ok, ok - this is the book that caused all the problems in the first place, and which I highly recommend - just finish reading it in the AFTERNOON and not in the darker hours before dawn lololol!!

Stephen Dobyns : The Church of Dead Girls
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