May 11th, 2004


Bend Ze Knees... *crack-ow!-whimper*

I was freezing cold at work most of last night, sat typing in crappy post in my black furry collar coat and furry hat...

I was also sat on my own because both Sharon and Jui-ehh!! are on holiday this week; so whilst I typed a whole lot faster, I had no-one to talk to except in 10 minute eyebreaks, when I sat and did the crossword in G2.

We now have 'log in/log out' sheets in 'Stalag Grimshaw'; we have to stop and write down EVERY time we get kicked out of the MDEC software, even logging out to go to the loo; how many minutes out and the reason why on each line...

Life would be a whole lot more interesting if we could visit THESE each break!!!

(The Philharmonic Pub mens toilet in matter how many times I drank there I never dared go in - even though they're a tourist attraction!!)

We also got our target sheets at the end of the night - I am supposed to increase my speed by another thousand keystrokes per hour for next week - like typing at 11-13,000 keystrokes per hour isn't enough?? And I had 3 points docked for 'late' log ins... Would somebody tell me when exactly I logged in late last week?? Not once, so far as I recall!!! Do they want my hands to fall off??


"You VILL incvease your speed, or ve vill haf to remove your fingernails vis tveezers..."

Had a vague stuffy headache all night, and went to bed very very tired and achy when I got home...

And didn't get up till just now (nearly 3pm) because there has been a terrific thunderstorm for the last three hours or so; and I've been hidden under the duvet with Snoopy and extremely achy knees...

Going up to the shop in a minute. Once again, I need milk.



Oh, and I now have more memory in this old bus of a comp - Duron 800 with NVidia GeForce MX 100/200 lol!

Double in fact - 256mb lol...



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I'm lucky, you're lucky...we're all lucky!!

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You are Magenta. The lip gloss that sank the

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