May 7th, 2004


Vampy, you SHALL go to the Ball!!

Went in town yesterday at 3pm, took my most recent film to the chemists for was a B&W film and they couldn't put it on cd, but at least I can scan the decent ones if I wish, or use the negs to print them bigger myself...

Met my friend Shauny for coffee in Carwardines...we are doing a tour of the coffee houses in town to pick a favourite; no luck so far...I always have a cappuccino and he always has a pot of tea for one (boat with three cups worth in it) but none of them are upmarket enough for us pair of queens lol!!

Got a battery for the VaderCam and an eyelet thingy in the market, then went to theatre...

Sat in the bar downstairs for an hour before the session started, sewing the black lace onto the shoulder straps of my newly dyed silvery/black brocade ballgown...then started putting eyelets in the back for lacing after ripping out the zip...

OMG!! What a fiddly job that is!! Took me half an hour to work out that the reason there are both silver and brass eyelets in the bag is because the brass ones are softer and go on the underside...then had to fit 24 eyelets into the dress by hand with the pliers...kept dropping the sods, and wobbling trying to line them up before pressing them together... I shall hit them all with a hammer this afternoon - just to make sure that they're clamped together ok.

Theatre didn't really get started till nearly 7:30pm due to latecomers and people fuck-arsing around. This pissed me off a bit, as we took a break at 8:30...which went on longer than it should have and I had to rush off to work at 9pm - whereas the rest of them would be working till 10pm.

We are working on a movement/sound piece for Theatre-Do at the end of May; using text by Mervyn Peake...walking in grids/curves in the space, delivering text contrapuntally, with movement reflecting adult life to go with it...and a couple of other sequences which I shall have to fit myself into nearer the date.

We've spent SO long messing about and not coming to any real ideas... I want to treat it like we did Weird Cabaret (different group)...come in, bang through stuff, work damn hard at a professional level, get it done, no fag breaks or arsing about, go home. But this group doesn't work like that, and Rod is *too damn nice* as a director - unlike Mark, who drives us really hard and won't tolerate idiocy...


Went to work at 9pm, finished re-hemming my dress...all that needs to be done now is fix the black velvet sash at the waist and hammer those eyelets... Will do that later, and will be dressed up in it tonight:

Tonight's Dress Up Day Costume: Black/Pinky-Silver brocade ballgown, black lace gloves up to the elbow, black lace fan, pale face goth makeup with usual dots/curls and lashings of eyeliner, hair up BIG with fluffy bits and black roses, black rose/feather corsage on wrist, black/silver victorian cross, black beaded victorian choker, black pointy laceup boots, black cloak with optional black lace shawl as well...

Webcam Pics:
(couldn't get the full length in or my gloves or my hair blah blah...)

Going to look fantastic, and I've got a cheapo colour film for my Olympus so I can be snap-happy all evening;)

(the Olympus is behaving with colour roll!)


Oh yes, Sharon dropped me home this morning and came into the house whilst I found the belts for her that I don't want. It's the first time she's seen the interior of my home - and looked about in amazement saying "OMG! Lizzi!! You're actually quite GIRLY!!"

I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not lol!!

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