April 28th, 2004



Jesus Hector Christ on a Pedestal! I'm STILL tired!!

Guess who fell asleep at her desk last night and had to be prodded awake by Sharon? I'd slept 9pm to 10am yesterday, then up all day catching up with real life...

Had to ring to rearrange a flat inspection I'd missed on Monday, went up to the chemist to drop off my films and popped into the charidee shop where I bought a 1952 hardback copy of 'The Practice of Oil Painting and Drawing' with 80 plate illustrations (S.J. Solomon, R.A.); still with the original purchase ticket inside it from Seeley Service and co. ltd, Shaftesbury Ave, London...

*book! sniff! book! sniff!*

Was also tempted by a white rocking chair for 20 quid, but I need to be getting bookshelves to be honest!! Lots and lots of them... I ought to start a bloody library!!

Had a catnap between 6pm and 8pm before work...then woke blearily and Dad dropped me in so I didn't have to walk. I've had enough of walking for the moment...

I was so exhausted that even copious amounts of coffee wouldn't kickstart my bodyclock back into nightmode yesterday:/

Work last night was somewhat riotous - catching up with Jui-ehh!!, Sharon, Leon et al about my antics at the weekend...ate too much pasta at lunch and felt ill...and wore my new mini-skirt with HUGE soled heels and stripy socks lol!!


Now it's 2pm and I've just woken up - coffee and a hot croissant - and it's raining and grey.

Oh, the familiar Plymouth weather; how I love thee!!

Going in town in an hour or so to meet up with Shauny...need to buy a B&W film for my camera as we are starting a photography course this evening, after which I shall rush off to work as usual...

Back to my regular schedule now of photography at college on wednesdays, theatre on a thursday (rehearsing for the Theatre-Do festival at the end of May)...dull-as-f**k work all night every night. Might start yoga with Sharon on a monday or friday evening... Probably going out with alienfox at the weekend, and another party on Sunday night if I can be arsed and am not too hungover from the night before...

*rubs eyes and wanders off*
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