April 20th, 2004


Dark, Rainy, Wasted Day! PAH!!

*bagpuss yawn*


I had SO many things to do today, and I've slept right through and done none of them.

I was a tidying dervish yesterday; haven't hoovered, but I can finally see the floor in the living room, and (thankfully) found my Whitby ticket under the heap of magazines, papers, books, pens, pot noodle cartons doubled as ashtrays, empty wine bottles, carrier bags, art stuff etc etc etc...

Then I typed ALL night from 10pm to 6am as usual, after being up from 10am already I was knackered as hell by 5am...post was seriously dull, but Sharon, Jui-ehh!! and I had some entertaining conversation, mostly about the chap I chatted up on Saturday, but who was (shock. horror) *normal* and probably won't call me back.

(I'm not holding my breath; I think I scared him off!)

Went to bed by 7:30am...wanted to get up, pack/organise/list for Whitby, go in town to buy a short skirt with Sharon...get some stockings etc etc. Only just woke up at a quarter to six.

Well, bollocks!!

I'll have to do it all tommorrow, inbetween various other already scheduled things such as my nephews 4th birthday; MUST give him his elephant hehe!

*rushes off for coffee, muttering grumpily*


Poor Woodstock! I empathise!!


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