April 14th, 2004


Rats In Paradise!

Have had a long long day...it's 6:12am and the sun is coming up; I ought to go to bed before it's too light to sleep...have theatre tomorrow/today in the evening;)

Got up at 2pm and went up to Kathryn's house to give her the present and card for Sarah Elizabeth...she loved the pink hooded coat I'd bought...stuck around for a cup of tea and she gave me a lift back with my food shopping at 6:30.

Had a nice hot bath and then cooked a ham and mushroom pasta dinner...made a mess of eating it because it was tagliatelle and my lipring got in the way lolol!!

(need to re-learn how to eat long pasta tidily!!)

Went to work at 9pm...Jui-ehh!! and I renamed the word 'minute' to 'minnow' and made up a ridiculous story about a minnow called Peter who had a red balloon and was sad; she'd had too much 'Rocket Fuel' guarana-spiked coffee and was on a caffeine-high!!

(Rar Jui! Da Lizzle-squee is apologising for singing too loudly - if you're reading this!)

I mostly sat listening to my Nick Cave cds all night...The Birthday Party: Mutiny in Heaven EP...fantastic... Followed by my favourite Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album ever: Let Love In!!

Oh, I love that album so much...if I were to choose one album to listen to forever on a desert island (blah blah) it would be that one!!

If you can download the mp3s of these songs I heartily recommend you do so...then you'll know just why I love Nick Cave so much...the voice, the lyrics, the musical arrangement...the...energy...

I'm rambling, but hey!!

Read and ENJOY!!

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If This is Heaven, I'm BAILING OUT!!

This is the best email I've recieved from my vampgirl.com addy yet; read it through...it almost makes sense!!!

(yes, I've done nothing today...no theatre/no shopping...I woke up at 4pm in severe need of painkillers; accursed me:/ *grumble wail*)


I'm going to start on an Easter egg! And yes, I've only eaten one small one since Sunday: Go Me!!


*****SPAM***** pull V-i-c-o-d-i-n guide

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