April 12th, 2004



I've just got back from town...had to go in for birthday presents for my sister's children.

Sarah Elizabeth is going to be ONE tommorrow...she is the sweetest little girl ever, loves playing peek-a-boo and was fascinated by my lip ring yesterday...kept touching her mouth and staring wide-eyed at me.

I helped deliver her a year ago...my sister had a home birth, and it was an amazing experience; one of the few times I've felt maternal lol!! I remember writing journal entries all the while we were waiting...and then texting EVERYONE on my mobile, two hours later, elated and still with blood on my hands!!

Well, I've bought her a cute pink hooded fleecy jacket in Boots. Mum and my youngest sister have got summer shoes, t-shirts and a dress, and I thought it would be useful if she got cold...

I also got distracted by elephants.

HUGE LOVELY SMILEY ELEPHANTS (with beans in their bottoms and big feet...) and only two pounds fifty, at a reduced price!!!

I bought one for Alexander; my sisters son, who is going to be 4 on the 21st... I don't get on with him so well...I don't know how to react to him. He's very hyperactive and doesn't talk much; runs around and brings you things when you don't want them. We stuck him in the front room watching Fantasia yesterday while we were in the garden and he turned it up very loud and sat there transfixed...

He's talking a whole lot more than he used to (he can't pronounce the letter 'L' and calls me 'Auntie Izzy...or Yizzy' hehe!), and I suppose I'm getting used to him - I do like him rather a lot; he likes playing with makeup and dressing up as a 'pretty lady'...but sometimes, when he's boisterous, I just feel awkward. Christ, I'm nearly 30 and I don't even know how to hold a baby lolol!!

Oh yes, the elephant...I ended up buying two...one for Alex and one for my nellie-obsessed ex-bf lol!! I'm trying to engender an elephant obsession while Alex is still young...I shall buy Sarah a Snoopy and do the same hehe!

After that little spree, I met up with Leon, Shauny and Becky by the Hogshead and had a lime and soda... Twenty-five Pence!!! Cheaper than the B-Bar at theatre (40p)...I was so surprised I asked for a receipt as a souvenir;)

Got home round 5pm...off to work tonight till 6am. Going to take an egg with me...I haven't started eating them yet, though most of my friends appear to have scoffed all theirs!!

I got a large KitKat Chunky egg, a Mini-Eggs egg, and a white chocolate orange...

I'll take the white chocolate to work, methinks;)



Well, Bollocks!!

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