March 29th, 2004


Checking the walls for dripping blood...

I suppose I ought to go to bed...I've been sat up late in the dark watching horror films on telly...

Had a crust of buttered bread; the 'lead loaf' my mother baked...the pipes to her house are still lead, so I'm reluctant to eat/drink anything at hers for fear of alzheimers...but I was hungry and I expect it's already too late...

Also have been imbibing alcoholicey beverages...namely a couple of cans of Miller.


The BBC were showing Dracula 2000 (enjoyable pap, interesting premise, rather attractive lead vampire...) followed by The House That Dripped Blood.

Typical dodgy acting/storyline from a group of stories by Robert Bloch...loosely cobbled together with a scotland yard detective inquiring about what happened to previous occupants of the house...

And what was wrong with the house itself?? Nothing more than it reflected the inner personalities of its occupants (in a negative way)...

Oh dear...I think I'd be in trouble if I ever took up residence lolol!! I still believe they'd have done better to get Lloyd Grossman in: "Who lives in a house like this??"

And no, I didn't see it drip blood either. How disappointing!! I wanted to see it running down the walls at the end, but there was just a silly rubber bat on a string and a let-down of an ending...

*giggles drunkenly*

At the end of each film the continuity announcer was touting this flimsy new 'website' on the BBC cult film pages: Nothing For You Here!!

Sorry piece of work indeed...crap flash for poor bastards like myself without broadband, and hardly any content. Would have taken me an afternoon...shame there was nowhere to post comments...I'd have redirected them lolol!!

Oh, and yes, the quiz happily informed me that I was a vampire...

*rolls eyes*

So...who's first?? First willing neck gets a horrendous nip;)

*stumbles off to bed to dream of devilishly dark, handsome and strangely magnetic, brutes in capes...*



Blood Eternal (1995)

Bone White.
Drawing me in.
Closer. Closer.
Hard-pressed against me.
Bone White. Stone White.
Sharp. Now piercing.
Biting. Harder.
No pain.
Just sweetness. Reminiscing.
A warmth.
A suckling.
Like a baby. Regressing.
Not milk, but Blood.
Metallic, yet revitalising.

Drink deep and sate your thirst.
Let me be your vessel.
Drink deep and live in me.
Let me be your blood, your life.
Your life eternal.
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    Bela Lugosi Is DAD!! Yes, he is!!

*nursing a fuzzy head*

Was drunk when I wrote this...apologies to all:/

Inadvertant Mishap.

Lost : Part of Myself
Think you may have it?
Apply Here: Reward Given

Lost : Another Part of Me
How You Can Help?
This has gone beyond superglue;
Vinegar and brown paper will not do.

(However, a little 'TLC' can be better than TCP in most cases)

Lost : All But Half of Me
Desperately seeking reconnection of compass points --
Missing Jigsaw piece --
Replacement limb --

(tick all that apply)

Lost : Me
Broken, beyond repair.
No further enquiries.
Case closed.
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