March 9th, 2004


Minds that have to whisper, See in them a sister...


Yesterday's International Women's Day evening at theatre went very very well... I was so INCREDIBLY nervous though!!!

The evening began at 8pm, with a couple of women singing, then there was a choir of 11 years olds singing a couple of songs...then I got up to read 4 of my poems, ending with the 'Eye Drone' one, explaining that I had to go to work at nine lol!! Stuck two fingers up to work as I read the last line (Clock Off) and then left the stage... Got lots and lots of applause and positive comments...but I was shaking SO MUCH that I couldn't even manage to roll myself a cigarette lol!!

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I think it's because, when I perform, I'm a character...mentally 'acting', but when I'm up either singing on my own, playing my 'cello or reading something that I've written (takes me back to the public speaking competitions I used to do...) that's when its no act at all, and there I am laid bare in front of everybody...

Bloody terrifying, but I was more than pleased at the responses I got.

After me, there were several more musical acts...womens choirs and whatnot, then I had to leave at 9pm for work, and Gemma was just beginning a drum'n'bass DJ slot...

I think the evening was mostly music (empowering songs - gah!) so Gemma and I probably stuck out a bit for being different lol!!

I'll get more feedback from Beccy on Wednesday.


Just booked my Whitby accommodation, next thing to deal with is the travel...train or coach? You decide!! I suppose I'd better haul ass down to the train station and find out later on, before work;)


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