February 19th, 2004



Went in town today at 3:30pm...went off to Argos and got myself the black despatch bag I wanted and the camera case as well...also got a new pair of headphones so I can listen to cds at work again...

Bloody HUGE bag!!! (but not ridiculously so)

Plenty of room for everything...was maniacally showing everyone how many pockets it had at theatre...and it came with a laptop bag as well, so I can bung my cello music in that one...if only I had a laptop I could run around and pretend I was in Hackers lol!!!

Weird Cabaret this evening was damned good...got lots and lots of work done, and stuck my oar in with some good ideas too...have been asked to clock one or two of them for future use...potential act and all that...woo!!

Started the evening with Mark setting us up, the bastard!! Told us we had to line up against the wall ('bulldog' style) and then he was going to throw Shakira's boot at one of us...

We all stood there in fear...then he went to throw it, but didn't, and we all reacted in panic...I clung to Shakira lol!! So it was a fix, and we worked the physicalities it had left us in for a few minutes...

Then we did some other 'warm-up' type stuff and worked on some 'identity'-ish stuff...I worked with Shakira and Elodie and they vocalised the poses I had found that expressed the aspects/layers of my character that I'd found at the last 'A-Live' sesssion with Rod.

"I feel fantastic...I care too much...I don't give a fuck...I analyse too much...I'm lonely and afraid"

We were given a working title; 'Me, Myself and I' and might well use it as it worked so well...

Worked on some other things too...including 2 minutes of speedwriting...stream of consciousness stuff...If our brains gave up we'd write 'I remember' and continue from there...I mostly moaned that it hurt to write as I'm used to touch-typing and can type as fast as my thought processes... That sort of thing... Then we wrote some other bits and bobs and broke up into groups to work on more material... A 'Mad or Sane' gameshow idea, and 'mass hysteria' etc etc.

All in all, was a thoroughly productive evening!!

Walked up to work at 9pm, and spent the night typing like a no-brain, inbetween doing the G2 Guardian crossword whenever we had an eyebreak (on the hour, every hour for 10 mins as is regulation)...and playing 'KHAN' (as in 'The Wrath of Khan')...basically we roar KHAAAAAAAAN!!! if the name comes up and get 3 points. Also 1 point for Gibbon as a surname and 2 points for Gibbons or variants thereof.

Hmm...data entry will soon be proven to drive people insane I'm sure. Perhaps it's a government conspiracy!!

Walked home at 6am and am sat here now with a cup of tea, smoking too much as usual.

Spent 20 mins going through emails...Spikey sent me tons of funny pictures, some of which I'll post intermittently I'm sure:)

Ok, better get off to bed soon...going in town tomorrow to get a DVD player and will spend the time before work playing with that...don't have any 'A-Live' meeting as it's half-term!!


This should be the typical MDEC keyboard layout...

(thanks Spikey!)
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