February 8th, 2004


A Rather Blustery Day Today...

Yes, I only just woke up...got home somewhat squiffy last night hehe...

Met up with missbumpkin and strangepixel in the Nowhere at about 7-ish, and we went to the Arts Centre Cinema to see 'Noi Albinoi'...an icelandic film by a new director.

It was damned good...a lot of quirky humour, but with a dark undercurrent running throughout...and it looked SO COLD!!! Eeep!! Is it any wonder that Noi dreamed of getting away??

Not to give too much of the plot away here...or the ending even, which was utterly unexpected...brilliant in that it wasn't really what you wanted to happen...but the final outcome of Noi (the central character) was, on reflection, inevitable since he had been shooting off massive ice shards on the mountain with a rifle; coupled with the many shots of that mountain looming portentously over the tiny village on the edge of the water. Certain scenes might have been taken as significant in light of the ending...the liver incident, for example, which was incredibly funny, but macabre in a strange way alongside it...

Ok, I'll shut up now...I have the impulse to ramble, my sentences aren't making an awful lot of grammatical sense and I need coffee.

If you get the chance to go and see it, do so. I've had to hold back on discussing almost every scene here...go and see it and compare notes afterwards lol!!

We walked back up to the Nowhere afterwards, slightly somber due to the surprise denouement...but all was well when we had a couple of beers (as is the way with beer). Met David and spiralweaver in the pub...didn't have time for a game of pool as the table was all booked up, but sat and drank for a long while, after which I walked up to Mutley with strangepixel and then got a taxi home.

*Bit* drunk, went straight to bed...dreamt of being thrown out of the cinema for trying to stay in sneakily to watch the next movie with missbumpkin...then someone was vomiting buckets and buckets (exorcist style) of fresh blood, and it coming out of their nose at the same time...everyone running for tissues, washing-up bowls and the like...


Tonight's planned diversion is, once again, an Arts Centre visitation...this time to see 'Thirteen'. Hopefully that won't leave us so somber!!!

Thirteen (18)
Dir. Catherine Hardwicke, USA, 2003, 100 mins.
Cast. Holly Hunter, Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki Reed, Jeremy Sisto.

Every parent's worst nightmare. That's the short synopsis of this directorial debut from Hardwicke, which earned her the Best Director award at Sundance 2003. Thirteen-year-old Tracy is ecstatic when she becomes friends with the most popular girl in school, Evie (Wood, who co-wrote the screenplay) who initiates her into a life of shoplifting, piercing, casual sex and drugs. Tracy's struggling single mum (Hunter) can't believe or prevent what's happening to her daughter. Realistic, compelling and raw with a vitality in the screenplay and performances that sets this film apart.

It's bright, it's sunny, I need to go to the shop for provisions, and it's a very blustery day today...

*wanders off in search of coffee*

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I hate Sunday afternoons.

Always feel like I ought to be doing something creative, but can't be arsed.

Then by tea-time it's too late...

Too true!! :

As is this :

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You scored 40% Glamour Queen
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