February 3rd, 2004


I hope I don't come across as a sicko here...*insane giggle*

Had a really lovely hot bath with Radox Muscle Soak yesterday evening...the water was bright blue!!! Fell asleep soon after and slept till 9...had to get a lift to work so that I wasn't late lol!!!

Oh dear god the conversations we had at work tonight were AWFUL!!!

Jui-ehh!! and I discussed Art, songs, Barbie dolls, My Little Pony and whether or not I would be happy getting a job in a mortuary...also that using a cold vibrator must be what necrophilia felt like (ewww!!!)...then Rich (who was having some kind of peculiar conversation with Tony) asked Matt :

"If you are allowed a certain length of time with Holly Valance, doing what you liked, where you liked, any way you liked, but had to spend the exact same length of time with Harold Bishop before or after, how long would you take?".

It went downhill from there...

Rich suddenly and very loudly (in the middle of a 'Fast Show/Michael Jackson' conversation) blurted out :

"Today I have mostly been eating dead juvenile pussy!".

OMG!!! We roared with laughter...tears running down our faces for 20 minutes, and I brought up the subject of Chris Morris's spoof paedophilia documentary...and the paedo disguised as a house inching closer to the school...


At which point our boss came over and told Rich and I off extremely huffily...


Watched part of David Lynch's 'Lost Highway' on tv at lunchtime...wish I'd recorded it...why is there ALWAYS a dwarf in his films???

Must have a fixation about 'Freaks' I suppose!!!

(thinking of Tod Browning)

We were stuck at work till 6am...lots of post to key...and I sang the Worm Song to Jui-ehh!! till she was extremely distressed and we had to sing the Fraggle Rock theme instead...she kept mixing it up with the Conga though:/

Walked home, made up some kind of scary tune along the way...and recorded it on Goldwave so that I don't forget it... I haven't got any manuscript handy to write it down atm. Might fetch some from mothers at some point.

Planning on going in town today, pick up an Argos catalogue so that I can buy a camera, pay the bills (bleh!) and do some cd/dvd shopping...

So I suppose I ought to go to bed soonish...


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