January 23rd, 2004


Posing, Chaos and Rolled up Newspaper...

I've had a fantastically entertaining and highly enjoyable day...and am still hyper lolol!!!


I only ended up having about 2 and a half hours sleep yesterday as I was wide awake and up until about 11am...then slept till 2pm and had to get up.

Was due to spend the afternoon posing for life drawing, with clothes on thankfully...

discordic_frog and automated_alice arrived at about half past two...they got lost trying to find my house!! Unfortunately automated_alice had to go home.

She was lovely, and actually said that I look way thinner than in the photos on my website! (which thankfully I do) This is probably because I have lost a stone...and I always look larger in photos than in real life...will love her forever!


Spent from 3pm to 6pm sat/stood/knelt in various dynamic poses and in different shirts etc(for differing textures) as I was sketched on a graphics prog and with pencils etc...lots of them which will build into a final piece for discordic_frog's portfolio.

They looked damned good too!!! Looking forward to recieving copies via email soonish.

We got a taxi into town at 6:20pm...dropped discordic_frog near his home, then I went on to theatre for 'A-Live'.

Started the evening off with The Chaos Game...which is a nightmare to explain...even worse to actually play...and it ended in the usual confusion, disruption and, indeed, utter chaos...

This is how it works:

Chaos Game : This is played on three levels which are built up as you go until all three are operating at once, in total chaos...hence the name...

1. Say persons name, making eyecontact, without moving they make eyecontact with someone else and say that persons name...this continues until there is a definate order of who has been...so that everyone remembers it you must run through each sequence several times.

2. Say a different persons name (order of names must be different for each sequence), making eyecontact, and walking towards them. Do this sequence several times so that everyone knows who they are walking to etc.

3. Involve a ball. Say yet another different persons name and throw the ball to them...this continues until there is a definite sequence which is memorised.

Then run 1 alone, then run 1 and 2, then once that is suitably established...run 1, 2 and 3 together.


Following which we worked on status exercises, eye contact, vocal observations, body language etc...was great fun and produced a lot of ideas.

I am going to be tying in my photography project with 'A-Live' for the Theatre-Do week in mid-May. As my project is relating to facelessness/lack of identity with the neutral mask in crowd ideas and one of the themes for the pieces we are devising is based around identity,it fits rather nicely.

Don't know yet whether my work will be a standalone exhibition or will be part of a mixed media performance piece...I'm rather in favour of the latter actually.

Raced off to work at 9:20, just when the group were listing insults and working them into an exercise...naturally I had a disturbing amount to contribute...and very nasty they were too...

I suppose it's a product of watching/listening to FAR TOO MUCH Chris Morris material...hmmm...nothing seems shocking anymore.

There was bugger all to do at work...no mail...so for the last two hours of the night I learnt how to make paper twists by rolling a sheet of newspaper into thin tubes and twisting it so that it looked like a form of Moebius strip...we were making them to go in Debbie's log fireplace...

Ben showed some of us how to do it...and I must say, I did VERY well at it...perfectly done...got very *slightly* addicted...understatement hehe... I made tons of them, and got ambitious enough to start making people and bows etc...

Now I have a new obsessive thing to do instead of my usual crisp packet triangles lol... Debbie even offered to pay me a pound a bag for doing them, seeing as I was enjoying it SO much...

All I could think of was the fact that Royal Mail pay us to key postal addresses at £7.10 an hour...and here I was, for two whole hours, doing nothing but making paper twists instead!!!


Got a lift home from Dawn at 6am, and now I have to stay up and go out at 10am, so I shall have been up for 22 hours with 2ish hours sleep 'ere long...

Still wide awake though, rather fancy a coffee...

Italian, Colombian or Alta Rica?


*wanders off wild eyed and looking for newspaper*
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