January 21st, 2004


Plans. Lots of Plans. And I need a GIANT EGG TIMER!!

Have had a rather busy day!!!

Went in town at 3pm intending to buy a diary, but never got round to it...was distracted by Whittards of Chelsea white hot chocolate and two jars of italian and colombian coffee.


Stopped in at the Art College to pick up a film script and bumped into alienfox and then Cali, who was part of the stagecrew during the panto run. Also picked up a free student diary, which will last me until April anyway...give me more time to buy a proper one lol

Cali and I went off to the Nowhere for beer and coffee, and had a good laugh talking about what a technical nightmare the panto was...kids missing cues so lighting didn't go quite to plan etc etc, then we went back into town via The Attic (a shop)...she bought a scarf and I said hello to Stainless who is working in there.

Got the bus home at about 5:30, but got on the wrong number, so ended up walking up Kings Rd past the CFE. Stopped in there to pick up a prospectus for random courses...and then went on home.

Fell asleep between 6:30 and 7:30, then got up again and went off to work via Spikey's.

We had a chat about technicalities of filming the short 'journey home'...(see previous post and comments) and exactly how the ending would pan out...

I now have a complete visual picture in my mind of pace, sound and all shots, just need to do a few walks along the route to check all possibilities/potential problems...like, for example, the motion sensor security light just down from my flat...would need to cut across the park to the war memorial earlier in order to avoid it.

Then all I need to do is storyboard/map camera angles and time the route, possibly cutting out certain sections of long and boring/winding road.

Work was entertaining, if not darned lazy...went through all prospectuses and decided (finally!) what I want to do this year before applying for a degree course to start 2005...read through the film script and did the Guardian crossword...

Had a dull as ever 'Work Time Learning' session, which I managed to waste an hour on typing up the minutes for afterwards, then we were let out at 3:30am.

Got home at about 4am, after thinking camera angles/shots all the way home, and am going to go to bed in a minute...

Have to be up early tommorrow to catch up on laundry, then go out to the Art College, then Weird Cabaret rehearsals before work...

Also need to get some supplies for my new photography project, which Jui-ehh!!! will help with next week.

I need:

An old lifelike baby doll (my sister has one)
A neutral white actor's mask (I shall buy, Jui-ehh!! shall wear in public hehe)
A large green first aid kit (have one at work)
...and a very large 12" high egg timer!!


(It needs to be big so it can go on a decent-sized gravestone...)

*secretive grin*

I'll let you know more as time progresses...I'll get the photos developed and put on a cd when I'm done. I'm also using a disposable camera...the whole point of the project is facelessness/death/disposability and lack of importance of people and objects etc...bit complex really...and a disposable camera ties in rather conveniently...and it also saves me having to get an expensive piece of kit too...BONUS!!

Ok, cuppa tea, cig and bed!!


Your Years at Hogwarts by nevermindless
The Sorting Hat places you in: Hufflepuff (Yellow and Black)
Subject you are naturally best at: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Your favorite book: A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry
Pet you bring to school: Tawny-browed Owl
You are most known for: Who you are dating.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Most known for who I am dating, eh???
Well that would be NO-ONE!!! LOLOL!!!
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dada is...a post

Googlism for: dada

dada is
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Just about sums it up really!!

I'm off to theatre.
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