December 30th, 2003


Not Long For This World... (Dr. Theatre calls in the bill?)

I had a hot bath full of glitter (Lush Bath Bomb) last night before going to work, and it STILL did not make me feel any better...went to work dosed up on Lemsip capsules, and took a litre of Orange Juice with me, which got me through the night.

I'm feeling a little better today, but have a stupid chesty cough which will not go away, and am still stuffy as hell. I actually had to cancel my last two theatre shows...something I NEVER dream of doing unless in extreme circumstances, and, would not ordinarily do even when I have a willing double as I do at the moment. In fact, I've NEVER cancelled due to illness before...even played my cello with a temperature of 103 at a school concert...driven out there, played, driven home as soon as my solo was done lol!!

So Mal (my double) did my last two shows today, whilst I stayed at home, not long for this world, under two duvets.

I'm extremely disappointed about not performing in the last two, but...

It would have been unprofessional of me to actually go and perform in this fluey state...I couldn't risk the effect the combination of bright lights, hot costume and extreme energy consumption would have on my system...didn't want to even envisage the possibility of being dizzy on stage etc etc...there is a lot of sand and wooden bits/machinery about backstage and it would be hazardous. Plus I didn't want to pass flu onto the rest of the company...send them off with a cough after all this lol!!

"Twasn't the cough that carried her off,
Twas the coffin they carried her off in!!"

I'm going to take a short rest...ooh...for a WEEK before the New Year theatre activities kick off again...the Weird Cabaret, and other theatre groups/music projects etc etc...not to mention packing up this flat to move house in March...big job that will be. I have a LOT of stuff...

Need a cup of tea...hopefully I'll be feeling better later, as I've only just woken up right now.

*blinks blearily*

Tonight I could be with you
Or waiting in the Wings
Lift your heart with soaring song
Cut down the puppet strings
Cut down the puppet strings

I wear a coat of drums
And dance upon your eyes
Turn the tables upside down
Change the lows to highs
Change the lows to highs

I fill you up with butterflies
Crown the heads of kings
Be glad of first night nerves
For fear gives courage wings
Fear gives courage wings

If I am on the sidelines
Chances are you'll miss
Wait alone and spotlit
For Doctor Theatre's kiss

The stage becomes a ship in flames
I tie you to the mast
Throw your body overboard
The spotlight doesn't last
The spotlight doesn't last

I could be with you
Or waiting in the wings
Lift your heart with soaring song
Cut down the puppet strings
Cut down the puppet strings

I may tap you on the shoulder
And whisper "go" in red
Strip your feet of lead my friend
Strip your feet of lead

Call the curtain
Raise the roof
Spirits on tonight

Call the curtain
Raise the roof
Spirits on tonight

Call the curtain
Raise the roof
Spirits on tonight

We love our audience!

- Bauhaus : Spirit
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Nostalgia in round circles of various coloured plastic...

Here's my vinyl list...

I'm not even going to START listing my cds and old bootleg cassettes etc...would take a bloody lifetime!!


Bauhaus : Mask
Bauhaus : Press the eject and give me the tape
Bauhaus : The skys gone out
Dead Can Dance : Garden of arcane delights
Madness : Complete Madness
Sisters of Mercy : Heidelberg gig 1990 bootleg
Sisters of Mercy : Return to Arkham bootleg
Tangerine Dream : Near Dark soundtrack
The Human League : Travelogue
Visage : The anvil

12 Inch Singles

Depeche Mode : Walking in my shoes
Sisters of Mercy : Dr Jeep ltd of 6000
Sisters of Mercy : When you don't see me german import 12 inch
Sisters of Mercy : Under the gun ltd with poster
Sisters of Mercy : No Time To Cry/Blood Money/Bury Me Deep

7 Inch Singles

Adam and The Ants : Kings of the Wild Frontier (autographed)
AND : Joy Division Tribute
Bauhaus : Spirit
Bauhaus : Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Bis : The Secret Vampire Soundtrack
BabyBird : Goodnight
David Bowie : Let's Dance
Culture Club : Victims
The Cure : Never Enough
The Cranes : Jewel
Depeche Mode : Strangelove
Depeche Mode : Everything Counts
Depeche Mode : It's Called A Heart
The Damned : Eloise
Dream City Film Club : Do my Self Harm/Pissboy
Garbage : Milk ltd
Garbage : Stupid Girl ltd
The KLF : 3am Eternal
L'Amourder: Tin Drum
My Life Story : Duchess
My Life Story : The King of Kissingdom ltd
My Life Story : Sparkle ltd
My Life Story : 12 Reasons Why
Gary Numan : This Wreckage
Nick Cave and Kylie : Where the Wild Roses Grow
Nick Cave : Red Right Hand ltd of 2000 blood red vinyl
OMD : Enola Gay
Pet Shop Boys : West End Girls
Radiohead : Paranoid Android
Sisters of Mercy : Anaconda/Phantom
Sisters of Mercy : Alice/Floorshow
Slipstream : Computer Love
Smashing Pumpkins : Disarm/Siamese Dream
Soft Cell : Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Sparks : When I'm With You
Spandau Ballet : True
Strangelove : The Greatest Show on Earth
The SisterHood : Giving Ground
Tenpole Tudor : The Swords of A Thousand Men
Ultravox : Loves Great Adventure gatefold/booklet

...and randomly...


Malcolm Arnold : symphony no 5 peterloo overture and 4 cornish dances
Jeff Wayne's musical version of war of the worlds gatefold
'Modern Dance' 1981 k-tel compilation with omd, visage, human league etc etc
Merry Snoopy's Christmas with The Royal Guardsmen
The Muppet Show album
The Bumper Rainbow Album with Rod, Jane and Freddy on the cover
Bang On A Drum : songs from 'playschool' and 'playaway'
Ronco presents the Greatest Hits of Walt Disney
Felicity Kendal reads 'All about my Naughty Little Sister'


The Temperance Seven : Thanks for The Melody
Mike Oldfield : Blue Peter
David Soul : Don't Give Up On Us
Keith Harris and Orville : Orvilles Song
ET Fanclub : ET Speaks: Conversations from the Movie
Number Rhymes
Number Songs and Rhymes (lol!)
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