October 21st, 2003



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What Dreams May Come
You are... What Dreams May Come - "I would go
to hell to find you."
Love, above all else, is important to you. When you
love someone, you really love them, and you'd
do anything for them. Sometimes that an get you
into trouble, but to you that isn't important;
what is important is is maintaining the levels
of caring and trust in a healthy relationship.
You little romantic, you.

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Looks interesting...

(probably old news but I've not been trawling the 'net at my leisure for a while...)

MirrorMask is scheduled for worldwide theatrical release in 2004 :
Courtesy of Sci-Fi Wire
July 21, 2003

"Author-turned-screenwriter Neil Gaiman and visual artist-turned director Dave McKean revealed details and images from their upcoming feature-film collaboration MirrorMask in a panel at Comic Con International in San Diego..."

Gailman and McKean discuss MirrorMask at Comic Con (read full story here)