October 6th, 2003


Moan/Horoscopes from various sources...for the large part extremely accurate...

Damn. The loan idea fell through...so it's onto plan B. Denial (is a river in Africa) lol.

I'm off out this evening to sing on a recording of 'Let it Be' for a charity record...the idea is we will sing and pledge an amount each, and, if it gets radio coverage we will then pay the amount to the charity in question.

...should be fun anyway...any excuse to sing on a proper recording, rather than un-miked solo stuff in theatre...

(not that I need a microphone lol...decent projection to the deaf old lady at the back who's forgotten her hearing aid always worked for me...)

Well...horoscope stuff now. I need tea again...


First Name: VampGirl
Sun Sign: Gemini
Risign Sign: Scorpio
Numerology: 9

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun position is 18 deg. 30 min. of Gem
Moon position is 11 deg. 42 min. of Aqu
Mercury position is 11 deg. 07 min. of Can
Venus position is 10 deg. 56 min. of Tau
Mars position is 0 deg. 26 min. of Leo
Jupiter position is 16 deg. 38 min. of Pis
Saturn position is 5 deg. 39 min. of Can
Uranus position is 23 deg. 52 min. of Lib
Neptune position is 7 deg. 58 min. of Sag
Pluto position is 4 deg. 04 min. of Lib

Element: Air
Mode: Mutable
Ruler: Mercury

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, the sign that is characterized by communication. Geminis are very intellectual individuals, and are forever interested in broadening their horizon : they are eternal students! Mercury, the planet of communication, rules your sign, and makes you an articulate and versatile person. You are outgoing and sociable, and due to your lively attitude, you are the born entertainer. Clever and ingenious, you usually get what you want with your charm and wit.

First of the three air signs, you are a dexterous, multifaceted, and flexible individual. As the most diverse and eloquent sign of the zodiac, you crave mental stimulation above all. Your curiosity, combined with your ability to synthesize information, makes you the messenger of knowledge and information.

As a Gemini, you rule the third house, the sector of your chart that describes how you perceive, process, and communicate facts. You are a mutable sign, responsible for keeping information flowing. You are gifted in adapting to situations and making compromises. Of all the zodiac signs, you are the peacemaker and troubleshooter who actively finds solutions to tricky situations.

How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

You are very strong-willed and proud, but intensely private and not easy to know well. Behind your quiet exterior lies a great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and also fierce determination. When you want something you go after it rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly - and you usually get it.

You are not a person who lives lightly or superficially. You want to live passionately and intensely and are not averse to challenge, danger, or to facing the darker side of life - human pain and struggle. You function well in crisis situations and often seek them out, for you enjoy the feeling of living at full capacity.

You are very intuitive about other people and especially about their unspoken feelings and hidden motives. You usually have strong, immediate gut reactions, either positive or negative, which prove to be correct. You approach life very instinctively and are not always fully conscious of why you feel or act as you do. You also have a very strong affinity with animals - an acute sensitivity and a nonverbal kind of rapport with them.

In relation to others, you are rather cautious, sometimes even suspicious, until you get to know and trust them - and trust doesn't come easily to you. When you commit yourself emotionally to someone, be it friend or lover, you are intensely loyal and devoted to them and you also expect the same kind of unwavering, undying loyalty in return. If you are ever betrayed by someone you care deeply for, you are capable of hating and retaliating with as much fervor as you once loved. Nothing is done halfway. In fact, you are intensely involved and often jealously attached to whatever you care about, be it person, idea, or cause. There is definitely a streak of emotional fanaticism in you.

Because of your natural reserve, others may see you as something of an enigma. You are quite self-protective and often defensive. You are also very magnetic, especially to members of the opposite sex.

The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

You are, in many ways, an eternal child. Your mind is bright, alert, curious, flexible, playful, and always eager for new experiences - and your attention span is often quite brief. You grasp ideas quickly and once your initial curiosity has been satisfied, you want to go on to something else. You crave frequent change, variety, meeting new situations and people.

It may be hard for you to decide just where your talents and true vocation lies, for you have a multitude of interests and are loathe to limit yourself by concentrating on just one. You are easily distracted by all of the other fascinating possibilities. Your curiosity and restlessness propel you into many different experiences in life, and you are willing to taste or try anything once. Doing the same thing over and over again, even it is something you do well, is real drudgery for you.

You live in your head a great deal - reading, observing, thinking, spinning ideas around - and you need mental stimulation every bit as much as you need food and drink. In fact, if you had to choose between a good book or movie and a good lunch, you would very likely choose the former. You have a creative mind and often live by your wits.

You are also a very social creature, with a strong need to communicate and to interact with people. You enjoy using and playing with words and have a real flair for getting your ideas across in a clever, interesting, articulate manner. Writing or speaking are areas you have talent for.

You also have a rather light and mischievous sense of humor, and often do not take anything too seriously. Though you crave emotional involvement, it is hard for you to achieve it, for you are frequently unwilling to commit yourself to anything, to take responsibility, or to limit your personal freedom and mobility.


Gemini: A Mutable Air Sign Ruled by Mercury

The Gemini Personality
Here, there and everywhere just about sums up the typical Gemini. This air sign is versatile and endlessly curious about anything and everything. But they rarely give their attention to any one thing long enough to gain mastery of it. The original 'grasshopper mind', Geminians are always ready to hop off and see what the next thing is all about before anyone's had a chance to pin them down. It isn't that they're not interested in what you have to say, they just seem to have the ability to think about a number of different things all at once. Very likely, they'll surprise you by returning to the subject out of the blue - giving you their opinions and imparting fresh slants on the matter you thought they'd forgotten about.

In Love
Geminians live in their minds and are turned on by a partner who understands and responds to this. Once they have fallen for someone, they waste no time in letting their intended know all about it. They are the communicators of the zodiac and have no difficulty in expressing their feelings. Their relationships are more likely to be with those who they share an intellectual rapport with. There is a need in Geminians for variety and this extends to their love lives - not necessarily a variety of partners, though this is a possibility with Gemini, but one partner who is prepared to adapt to their ever-changing ideas and isn't afraid of experimentation.

Work and Career
The very nature of Gemini makes them perfect for a career in the media or communications of some kind. PR, market research or any job which brings them into contact with the public is ideal. Their ability to communicate ideas effectively is an asset many sales departments make good use of. The main consideration in a Geminians choice of career should echo the theme of their lives - variety with a capital 'v'!

They make amusing partners and friends. Quick-wittedness and a light humour add a sparkle to their conversation. Friends of a Gemini will never be stuck for ideas on how to spend their free time, Gemini will always have a dozen suggestions ready. They're charming optimistic individuals who liven up any gathering. They have the ability to see things from varying points of view, and although it can be frustrating trying to get them to come down off the fence, their indecisiveness is probably bothering them every bit as much. They use up an incredible amount of nervous energy.

Strengths and weaknesses
Your happiness lies in using your creativity and your language skills to communicate something meaningful, to teach, inspire, or bring people together. You have an unbiased mind and can usually offer a fresh, clear, uncluttered perspective. Your faults are your lack of constancy and persistence, and your tendency to overlook or ignore deep emotional issues and other people's feelings.


Scorpio Rising, you have a kind of autonomy that no other ascendant seems to have. You are willing to risk your live in order to accomplish your goals. You pursue your objectives with a tremendous, fixed, emotional intensity, and are able to draw on hidden sources of power.

You try to always be in control of situations, so that you don’t need to depend on anyone. You avoid feeling vulnerable at any price! Your obsession with staying on top of everything becomes a passionate battle for power.

While you may appear composed and self-possessed on the surface, you contain a charismatic intensity and mesmerizing personality beneath the surface, much like an active volcano before eruption. It’s very hard for others to resist you, when you want to draw them into your net, because of your mysterious magnetism.

Your universe is infinite, deep, and spiritual, and people who decide to venture into it, can’t help but being touched by its unfathomable atmosphere. However, your universe is not a trap, it is rather a way for you to share an intensely emotional experience. Yet, your intimate world is not easy to reach, because it is hidden and secret. If someone wants to explore and discover it, they need to put a lot of effort, intensity, and time into it.



Your Life-Path number is probably the most influential numerological aspect to be considered, and represents who you are at the time of birth. It indicates specific traits and will likely be active and influential throughout your lifetime. It is the overall number that determines much of what will be important to you and how you will handle things as they come.

If your Life-Path number is NINE, yours is a philosophical number. In this, you’re likely to hold an elevated position that poses certain responsibilities in the scheme of things. You’re likely to be extremely compassionate and giving up material goods for the common good of all may be something that is a regular occurrence in your life.

NINE personalities tend to be trustworthy and honorable. A NINE harbors no prejudice and feels deeply for those who are less fortunate. You will help others in any way you possibly can as a NINE is driven by the desire to make the world a better place.

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On the side of my wine bottle...I've only had two glasses btw...

"Use the DAILY guidelines for sensible drinking. Refraining on one day should not mean excess on another"

Oh whoops!!


(I'm having a couple of drinks before I go out and blasting Malice Mizer around the flat)
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