September 6th, 2003


Tea on the brain...and in my mug...

I've been having a lot of fun here!

As Spike from Buffy described Giles (and my) life..."cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea, almost got shagged, cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea..."

Googlism for: cup of tea

cup of tea is better than twenty weak
cup of tea is on the right hand side of the plaza
cup of tea is absolutely safe
cup of tea is almost a zen like experience

cup of tea is not perfect
cup of tea is not difficult
cup of tea is to be savored
cup of tea is one you can offer to a yorkshire plumber with no risk that he will then link up your bathroom taps to your electricity supply

cup of tea is both a retreat and a place of exploration
cup of tea is ready
cup of tea is in reality a cup full of human emotions
cup of tea is a simple and satisfying experience

cup of tea is an art
cup of tea is one of the most important things today
cup of tea is denied either through ignorance or worse
cup of tea is never a chore
cup of tea is a great start

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Food Glorious Food!!

My Googlism: I only got one!!!

Googlism for: vampgirl

vampgirl is looking for someone with creativity and the ability to work independently


Drank half a bottle of Lurgashall's English Mead last night and watched about two hours of pre-school maths learning programmes...was hysterically drunk!!

I watched this: Number's a BBC programme...

It had this animated mexican thing....called 'el nombre'...and it was mostly desperate actors doing panto-type stories...but making it about numbers...and AWFUL songs...

"I had 3 strawberry milkshakes there in a row, then along came my friend John..."

Naturally, John drank one, then another, kind of a bitter 10 green bottles...

I was drunk = It was funny. Like Vic Reeves in a barrel singing 'Born Free' on Jools Holland's 'Hootenanny' last year...probably wasn't half as funny sober.

At one point there was a guy dressed in a scary chicken outfit, pulling up big rubber worms out of soil to count them...all delivered in a northern accent..."you've got to be quick wi' t' worms, guvnor".

Poor desperate actors...method-acting a chicken!!

Hang on, reminds me of the last Weird Cabaret...which I am resuming work with next Wednesday...will also be heavily involved with the christmas show as well...

I LOVE Mead!!

It's like liquid, alcoholic honey...which is basically what it is hehe...and I have many fond memories of sitting round campfires in medieval costume, drinking mead out of a tankard and chewing on a leg of lamb...old re-enactment bashes, where I used to play Morgana Le Fay during the shows, and get hammered afterwards...

Made from fermented honey, this is England's oldest alcoholic beverage. Serve mulled with spices in winter, or over ice in summer.
How to make Mead

Anyway...fell into bed at about 5am this morning...sat up for a bit and did a quick 20 min sketch of a renaissance-ish long haired guy and a rose in my hardback sketchbook...only felt like scribbling cause I was roundly drunk...and it was the first pic I had dared draw in the book...crisp white pages and the first page of a new sketchbook scare me rigid...and I'd put this one off for several months...

...still, the scribble came out decidedly well and I am more than happy with my efforts...for once I drew with a 2h pencil instead of a black biro (I'm so damn lazy!) and I only wish I had access to a scanner now!! I'm so pleased with it I feel like showing off for once.

I did art at was one of my main classes...that and music/textiles/drama...I'm so torn between those that when I do theatre stuff I end up doing everything all at once lolol...but I have neglected it of late (like my cello playing), and am now finally in the mood to take up where I left off years ago and get on with it again. I get impatient with pictures...esp. with painting...and tend to rush things...this time I'm going to take more care and abandon the fondness for biros and black gel rollerball pens till AFTER the pencilwork...

Anyway, I digress...

Woke up again at about 12 lunchtime today...which was handy, as I was hungry. Cooked a big toad-in-the-hole and beans, then washed it down with another cup of tea.

I love cooking...I love making toad-in-the-hole, lasagne, curries, bolognese, liver dishes, pies, quiches, stews, sausage casseroles...I think you can tell by that list that I don't make nouvelle cuisine...bleh!! I always cook large amounts of homely 'winter' food...I'm an old kitchen mother at the roundy-headed kitchen women who stayed below and cooked for the family in 'olden days'...a proper Mrs. Beeton...but thankfully not rotundity personified or overly fat. Thankfully I have so far preserved an average british womanly build!!

I simply love food...(sorry sadiecakes and wildgift93...Atkins is, I think, not for me)...I'm too wholesomely hearty in my kitchen habits for that...and apologies for going on about food again heheh;)

Well, I think I've rambled enough again today...

I have washing to do, shopping to get on with, tidying to catch up on...all the fun things in life lol...and I also have to do a lot of sitting at the comp and catching up on stuff as well...

Tata for now;)


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