August 27th, 2003


Shopping plans and stuff...

Jui-ehh!! tells me that there are a cheap pair of Mary Janes shoes in Barratts in town. Me want! Can't wait till payday now...

I also need to buy a DVD player...I've seen an Alba one in Argos for 38 quid...I don't care if it's a crappy brand, I'm short of cash and need one anyway...I want to watch a load of anime on dvd that a friend of mine at work has. Other things to buy include: Super Monkey Ball for the Gamecube (it's in the Game sale), Super Monkey Ball Jr for the GBA...awesome looking conversion...and tons of other games.

One of my workmates is planning a LAN party in a week or two...I can't heft this darn comp over to his I'll probably take all my consoles and we can play 'capture the flag' or Mario Kart or something...

And my GBA needs recharging...too much Poke-play unfortunately...I'm trying to level up all my 'mon to match Mumfie (Mudkip) who is currently level 20. And then I want to go and get my third gym badge before moving on to Verdanturf city...

*blah blah*

*goes off to post elsewhere*

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