August 20th, 2003


Owww!! *blinks* and I am awake...

Before I go into what I did/talked about at work last night...I'd like to take this time to explain that the title of this 'ere post is NOT in any way vulgar.

It is, in fact, by way of explanation that I am here now after being woken at 12 lunchtime, have had to walk to the shop for supplies...then, as a direct result of walkage/limpage, have had to take two painkillers, smoke 3 cigarettes and drink a lovely bottle of mars milk.#

Fucking ankle still hurts!!! we go :

Last night...walked to work (oh, what a stupid lass I am)...and then spent the next hour almost breaking down into tears on account of the pain I was in. Took painkillers and worked with my leg up on the desk (almost) until my bloody ankle stopped feeling like it was being twisted off by a particularly sadistic brute without the aid of anaesthetic.

Once the pain subsided, (I know I need an x-ray still...but it hurts to walk there), I actually had some fun.

Masticated a galaxy bar at break, had a coffee and Jui-ehh!! and I were talking about ways to increase her income now that she has a flat...

Steveo suggested sub-letting...I suggested get some pervy bloke who wanted to pay for dom service to live with her, pay half the rent, and..."shut up, houseboy, and get me a cup of tea and tidy the kitchen. While you're at it...quick lick round the loo...!" so that she never has to do any housework...

That sort of thing. The usual type of convo me and Jui have at work ehehe.

Masticated a large steak and ale pie at lunch, big mug of coffee and a cigarette, and I wasn't falling asleep quite so much after...

Then I started a discussion about relationships. Oops! Basically, I started with the statement (you may call me snobbish here) that I refused to go out with someone, no matter how attractive, if I in any way remotely felt that they were beneath my level of intelligence. Simply put, (so that I don't get lynched) I do not believe that a relationship can work if one part of the couple is below the intelligence level of the other...the person with the higher level of education/brains will always feel discontent if they find their partner to be any less.

Imagine: I want to discuss some political/topical news-based stuff...or a book I've read...or a computer problem...or music...or whatever...but I feel that my other half is not entirely grasping what it is I'm banging on about...I can't have a healthy debate on anything, as I feel intellectually above the other party...not in a snobby way...but it makes me feel as if I'm talking down to the other person, patronising them...going out of my way to explain stuff in simpler terminology for their benefit...which I sometimes find tiresome...

It doesn't make me a bad person...a relationship simply cannot work if there is such a fundamental difference between two people...fact...the person with the higher (even slightly) intellect is always going to feel discontent...which is a bad thing. Ok, so call me Chandler, but I'm picky like that...doesn't matter how much of an adonis they may be, if I can't relate on an intellectual level it's a total turn-off...

Bloody Gemini!!!


Was let out at 4:30am as there was nothing to do...but forgot my had to telephone the flatmate so that I could be let in. Bugger.

James has lent me an entire series of 'Trigun' (anime) to watch...thankfully he is in no rush to get them it could take me a while to get through...

Watched 'Angela Anaconda' when I got home...a very dry canadian kids cartoon with some amazingly animated characters...faces were all done by using black and white photographs...then watched my regular dose of the Hoobs...two episodes every morning...I've seen almost every one at least twice lol...but I love them so!!!

Went to bed at about 8am after a big bowl of tuna and noodles. Yum!!

And here I am now...painkillers have finally worked...and I realise I've run out of them.


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