August 15th, 2003


What a mess!

Saw a woman on tv this morning talking about de-cluttering your house...she has some programme or other where they go into peoples houses and clear them out of all unnecessary stuff.

Christ. She'd have a field day here!!

I have SO MUCH STUFF. Quite honestly, if the house were to burn down tomorrow...there are things in boxes that have probably not seen the light of day since 1997, and I would not miss them either...if I opened the box today however...I would probably not be able to throw ANYTHING away.

I'm a hoarder. I collect things. I can't help it. Magpie.

I have boxfuls of tamagotchis, macdonalds toys, kinder egg toys, porcelain dolls, soft toys, hundreds of uncatalogued videotapes (and I've no idea what's on them), boxfuls of books; fighting fantasy ones, vampire ones, classic lit, snoopy books, grange hill books, computer books, art books, manuals for old OS's. basic etc...

...magazines: ancient computer ones, piles of old amiga format mags, NMEs, music mags, fashion mags...enough to keep a dentist waiting area stocked for months...

Then theres the computer stuff...amigas, c64, Jaguar console, N64, c128, gamecube, over 30 gb games, gameboys of all generations, spectrum, old PCs, old PC bits, boxfuls of computer disks, boxes of hardware boxes...

I have boxes for boxes, things stuffed in big laundry bags...and as for costumes, clothes, props etc...think medieval dresses, ball gowns, victorian clothing, wedding dresses...tons and tons and tons...bagfull after bagfull...I even have a real broomstick, a sword, a freestanding massive candelabra and a lifesize severed human head made out of latex...

I really need to tidy but I don't know where to with storage space is one option...a skip is another...a box of matches the final and last resort.

But I could never bring myself to do it. Or chuck anything out. Guess I just need to buy more storage type furniture then...and be a bit more ruthless NEXT TIME I move house.

If there is a next time...

Last time it took 8 van loads...starting at7 in the morning, ending at 9 at night...just me and my dad...he drove, I lifted...couldn't stack the van too high as most of the boxes weren't of a stackable type...


I have no idea why I'm so messy/ father is the mother has forty fits over the state of his study usually...

It hearkens back to the old war-time mentality of rationing and stuff...but there's no reason why that should apply to me...perhaps everything will have a use one day...

You are Junk Woman!!!  A hideous, conniving old witch who is in league with Jareth.  You collect useless ornaments, toys and basically junk.
You are Junk Woman!!! A hideous, conniving old
witch who is in league with Jareth. You
collect useless ornaments, toys and basically

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