August 14th, 2003


Moshi Moshi

Only just woke up. Bleh!

Stayed up till 12am watching crummy daytime tv...took some webcam pics of what I wore to work last night...I can generally wear what I like at work as it is a night-shift with a no blue jeans-type dress code heheh...

...went in 'EGL' and white stripey socks, black velvet calf length skirt with a frill at the bottom, black velvet corset top with a round collared black chiffon shirt over the top with a ribbon/lace trim down the front...bright pink eyeshadow/white face...big black boots, coffin bag, black plastic packed lunch box and my snoopy.

Jui-ehh!! said I looked 'like a living dead doll!!'. Rar!

Snoopy was very popular also, and got 'squashed' alot...

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Was left a lot of quiz links on my desktop...


Here's a couple...then admire my new LJ-cut abilitah!!!

(there were loads left for me...but some didn't work...or I'm saving them for later hehe)

~Elegant Gothic~

What kind of Lolita are you?
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Demi-Goth. Pah! Just like everyone else. Yeah,
join the club. You are, for the most part,
unpretentious, but despite your disdain for
Uber-Goths you secretly strive to be one...

Discover Your Inner Gothness
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And a really really big one...
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