August 12th, 2003


*rubs eyes*

half past five and i
overslept well i went to
bed at


Had breakfast cereal and a coffee in the canteen at work last night.

Work playlist was as follows:

Dead Can Dance : Wake
Depeche Mode : Singles (can't remember title...has 'stripped', 'a question of lust' etc on)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds : Let Love In
Murder Dolls : Beyond the valley of the...
Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral

As you can got louder throughout the night, mostly as an attempt to keep me awake:/

Got a lift home at 6am...nearly drove over a pigeon that wouldn't get out of the way...

...reminded me about when me and my sister were about 6/7 and dad drove over one...mum told us that pigeons were very resilient and had a special ability to make themselves go floppy if that ever happened, so they could just lie there for a bit, then recover and fly away when they felt better...we believed her for years...

Stayed up and watched The Hoobs till about 8am, had sweet & sour noodles and tuna as a snack, then went to bed.

As you can tell, I only just woke find my flatmate had left the comp on in this stiflingly hot weather...trader mode in EQ for hours and hours and still nothing has been sold!! LOL!! Got a free mod-rod tho...

I need to go get a coffee...

NEWS: There is a Black Catz night in Tramps THIS Friday. 10pm to 2am. 2 quid on door before 11pm. I won't be there myself (working) but the next one after that is Saturday 30th August, and I'll be there then...

How evil are you?

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Survey Thing and Daily Quizzage

00.My name be: VampGirl
01.I've aged: 29 years (at the time of doing this survey)
02.I live in: Devon
03.I want to go to: Paris
04.My siblings are: 2 younger sisters
05.Things i like are: Vampires, Gothic stuff, Classic Literature and Poetry, Snoopy, Computers - new and retro, Consoles...
06.Things i dont like are: Fruit and most vegetables, Homophobes, racists, bigots...I could go on...sunrise/bright sunlight, net downtime, feeling ill...your standard dislikes really...

.07.I like people who: smile
.08.I dont like people who: bully
.09.My favorite people are: my friends
.10.I like them because: they are really lovely, kind, supportive, great fun to be with...
.11.My least favorite person is: Don't have one.
.12.I dont like them because: I find it seriously hard to dislike anyone. I always see the good side...even if they have been mean to me I'm still friendly to them...maybe I'm just a stupid, optimistic romantic...but who needs enemies??
.13.If i could hug someone right now, i would hug: snoopy
.14.As far as friends go, i have: more than I deserve
.15.And significant others..: Snoopy

(((..::love-life and things::..)))
answer these about your crush or boy/girl friend ( if u dont have one.. leave blank)

16.Do you have a crush or boy/girl friend?: xx
17.And his/her name would be?: xx
18.Do you talk to them often?: xx
19.How old is she/he?: xx
20.How far have you gotten with this person?: xx
21.How far are you willing to get?: xx
22.Does this person share your interests?: xx
23.Are you romatically involved with this person?:xx
24.Could you imagine the rest of your life with this person?:xx
25.Do you believe in love?: yes
26.Do you "love" this person?:xx
28.Must a kiss be sacred?: Depends on an actor lol!
29.Must sex be saved for marriage?: no
31.How long was your longest relationship?: 10 years
32.How long was your shortest?: 2 months
33.Do you believe in love at 1st sight, or is it just extreme attraction?: xx
34.your ideal mate?: Chocolate! or a good book...someone who is intellectually on my level, friendly, kind and supportive, and who I can act like a stupid kid with without feeling like an idiot...

35. What is your religion, if any?: Wiccan
36. Do you practice it, or just believe in it strongly?: Practice
37. Why do you believe in what you do?: A lifetime of ignoring the obvious and then finally accepting who/what I am according to my beliefs...too much to put here...

39.Have you ever been drunk?: Yes
40.Do you want to get drunk or would you do it again?: Yes
41.Have you ever done drugs?: Yes...not hard drugs tho.
42.Have you ever stolen/shoplifted?: No. Rather embarrassingly been accused of it tho...
43.Have you tried to commit suicide: No
44.Are you the innocent looking type?: Unfortunately not:/
45.Are you really innocent?: Of course I am!! *grin*
46.Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend?: Never. Wouldn't ever think of it either! As far as I'm concerned, anyone who does that clearly doesn't care about their partner and should'nt be with them.
47.Are you a virgin?: No.
48.Why or why not?: Because I'm 29 and not 18 as I was when...
50.Have you been skinny dipping?: No. I can't swim.
51.Do you enjoy nudity, whether you are nude, or maybe someone else?: I very much enjoy being nude. Especially at home in very hot weather. No qualms about performing nearly nude...but wouldn't be completely starkers...or be photographed *some* people I know hehe...
52.Were you caught doing any of these bad things above(i.e. drinking,doing Drugs,stealing)?: Of course I've been caught drinking...
53.Name some things you have done that you regret: This quiz...
54.Would you say that you are open-minded?: Entirely.

-Are you more...
55.crazy or conserved?: Crazy. In public. See Loud or Quiet*
56.loud or quiet?: Loud. In public. Depends...I flirt a lot with people I DON'T fancy...and go stupidly shy and quiet around people I do...that or make excuses to touch them by tickling...
57.pretty or ugly?: Average.
58.over-weight or under-weight?: Slightly overweight unfortunately.
59.outgoing or shy?: Outgoing. In public. See Loud or Quiet*
60.emotional or nonemotional?: Emotional about some things...bit lacking in others. Typical analytical Gemini...
61.perverted or pure?: Most certainly perverted.
62.simple or complex?: Most definately complex...many faceted...gemini...confused, erratic etc etc

63.Do you prefer bands or just singers?: Either.
64.Name some bands or artists that you listen to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance, Bauhaus, Malice Mizer...
65.What genres of music would you say you listen to?: Goth/Classical
67.Are you in a band?: Not at present.
68.If not, would you like to be in one?: Yes.
69.If you were in one, what would you do if you are, what do you do in the band?: Singing or playing my cello.

((..::Labels and image/style::..))
70.Do you label people and yourself?: Not if I can help it.
71.If so, what is your label: Romantic Goth/ Weirdo/ Tranny Goth/ Elegant Gothic Lolita/Aristocrat...varied...
72.Do you like the way you look?: Usually
73.What makes the way you look especially unique?: Nothing. Perhaps just my combination of styles...
74.Do you wear ties like avril?: No!
75.What do you think of her style? Bleh!!

76.Do you prefer lots and lots of friends, or a few close ones?: A few close ones, and an outer circle of good acquaintances...
77.What are your feelings towards rain?: I love it, so long as my eyeliner doesn't run, or my eyebrows wash off...
78.Who/What gets you really excited when you see them/it?: ?
79.Do you want something/someone that you can never have?: Always.
80.Whats your best memory?: Touching the stones at stonehenge when I was about 6 years old...before they fenced them off...
81.Have you ever been on a real date? Yes.
82.Make out or take out?: ? Americanisations!! Explain yourself!!
83.Do you have more guy friends or chick friends?: Guy friends. But they're mostly gay.
84.Have you ever been accused of being homosexual?: Naturally.
85.Describe one of your embarrassing moments: Falling down the stairs at a tube station in London with all my luggage...
86.Do you like your parents?: Most of the time.
87.How about slushies, do you like those?: If that's a slush-puppie drink...I like blue.
88.Do you own a digital camera?: Nope.
89.Would you write a paper for someone if they paid you?: Nope.
90.Define "cool": starts with see, ends with 'ell, has an ooh in the middle.
91.Have you ever cooked dinner?: Every day. My specialities are lasagne, bolognese, curry, liver.
92.Are you forced to listen to the national anthem every morning at your school?: Not at all. We used to sing 'Castles in the Air'
93.When you are using a lead pencil, do you let a lot of lead out or just a little?: Wha??
94.What color is your toothbrush?: Purple and bloodstained.
95.Have you ever secretly desired to wear a eye patch?: Yes!!
96.Do you spit or swallow?: Spitting is too untidy. But I won't answer that.
98.Does it really have the same great taste?: Like salted tapioca?
99.Slippers or flipflops? Flip flops.
100.Oddly enough, its over..: Thank god!!

WORSHIP! You're inner Bombshell is the beautiful
Audrey Hepburn. Like her you've been blessed
with a "certain something" that no
one could describe accurately. You are more
reserved than other bombshells, and that shows
in your gentle, graceful nature. You like doing
things for other people and love volunteering
for your favorite charity. Yours is a rare gift
in this day and age. You don't need to show a
lot of skin to be sexy, all you need is your
eyes. To see Audrey at the top of her game
watch the movie "Breakfast at

Who is your inner bombshell?
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Your medieval name is: Lisolette. Quiet and artsy,
you're different from the crowd. You have a
taste in music or art and are sometimes
depressed and private. You're naturally lovely.

What is your Medieval name?
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