August 7th, 2003



Not much to say today 'cept that it's too damn hot still, just got up (6pm) and have to go shopping.

Oh, and threw a big hissy fit at work because they've changed the way the cursor looks on ROI on Trials to a big ugly red crosshair covering the entire damn screen that NEVER goes away and has no option to remove it...

...I hate it with a vengeance and actually point blank refused to go on Trials last night...the thing made me travel sick!!! If you rotate/flip or de-mirror an image while doing ROI the crosshair stays static...resulting in disorientation and me feeling queasy...yuck...

...if this new build on trials makes it to the main MDECS I am going to fix my permissions so I NEVER DO ROI AGAIN!!! I'm not joking either.

Rant over. I'm on Duty Obs again tonite...I RULE!!

Work stuff done with now.


UPDATE: Been to the shop...

...why does Mars Milk *have* to taste SO yummy, yet cost so much and never ever ever last long enough??


My ankle is still owwie, and I actually might go and get it x-rayed on friday if it's no better....been nearly two weeks now since the *incident* and, although the bruising has gone nearly, I'm still wearing a support sock and feeling the pain everytime I put weight on it...

...Leon gave me his photo cds of our London trip at work last night...I have copied them onto the comp and am going to fix em up a bit to make a photo gallery of our weekend...tho most of the pics are shauny, Leon etc at Tussauds and places that Si and I didn't go cuz we were to busy sleeping/Camden/Electric Ballroom etc...

...ideally I want everyones photos...but Leon is the only pershwun who put his on I'll have to wait and get the other peeps scanned sometime...and as I don't possess a scanner myself...

...should have bought a digital camera...but I'm not very good at planning as my over-stuffed, unnecessary luggage indicated really.

I'm going to an Ann Summers party on Sunday. This is a british chain of *saucy underwear* shops...and they usually only do parties for women...but Leon, Shauny, hopefully Si and loadsa others will be there...ahh well!! Should be entertaining!! I've also invited my sister...I hope she can make it...I really want her to meet my friends, as she is only down for the summer atm and back to Uni soonly...

Ho hum! Spose I should go sort out my stuff for work tonight...


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Bespectacled by night actually...they're only for VDU usage...

And I haven't played EverQuest or V:TM in months... /sigh

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