August 4th, 2003


I overslept... :/

Well, I went to bed at about 5am this into watching telly...(OK, I admit it...I was watching Trisha...) and was supposed to be at theatre by 10am today...set the alarm for 9:20...but put it on to 10 thinking I might be able to get a lift from my parents...rather than walk for 50 minutes on a sprained ankle...

...but I didn't wake till 10:30 and by the time I'd txted them they were already at the beach. Damn!

Fell asleep again...'s all pitch black in my room due to an enormous black velvet falling asleep is no great chore even in blinding daylight outside...

...and didn't wake up till 12. Theatre was finishing at 3pm, so I considered that arriving 3 hours late at 1pm would not look at all good. So I slept till one of my fiends rang me at 4pm.

I'll go in tommorow and hobble a bit...then explain that it hurt too much to walk in...

That should do it was one of the things that convinced me to stay in bed a little longer (that, and my adorably squashy snoopy, who sat on my chest and informed me that bed was 'most certainly the preferable option to bright daylight and strenous activity...')

So now I'm up. Going to do all the usual 'net stuff' then make a Rocket Fuel coffee and get ready to leave for work at 9pm

I *LOVE* Mondays!!!!

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1. You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and

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