July 30th, 2003


Wednesday's Child is full of woe...

Work last night...well...I didn't really do an awful lot!!!

Got in at about half nine...showed EVERYONE my ankle!!

Debbie had been to Whitby for the weekend and brought me back a handmade dark chocolate coffin...TORTURE!!! I really want to eat it...but I want also to keep it on my vampire shelves as I've never seen a chocolate coffin before...sniffed it all night...sheer torment!!

Consoled myself with a galaxy bar at break instead. Didn't do ANY typing until well after 12:30 as I had to do first-aiderage until 12 midnight and then had a half hour work-time-learning (Listen with Mother) session!!! Went to lunch at 2am and had a coffee with a bread roll full of salad cream. Yum!!

After lunch, worked from 2:40 to 3am and went off for an hours (nearly) duty obs meeting hehe!! Then had to sit down and type from 4am to 6am, only I spent the majority of it typing rubbish such as "Mrs Lowestoft descended fro milton keynes the traib st." instead of plain Lowestoft and other such half-awake nonsense that was transferring from my sleepy head to my auto-pilot fingers!!!!

Got dropped home at 6am and went to bed without any supper.

Woke up again at about 1:30pm today and hobbled down to the Cumberland Centre to have them look at my dumb ankle...it's not broken, and nothing torn...just a very nasty sprain and I have to wear a support sock for a week or so...got a ticking off about the height of my platform boots too. Bah!! Back to the yucky-flat doc martens it is I suppose...

I'm in the middle of cooking a sausage casserole now...peppers, onions, mushrooms, sausages etc...which my flatmate and I will eat in about an hour...then I have to rush off to theatre.

We have a Weird Cabaret meeting at 6pm til 9pm...discussing the previous perfs and what to do next...then off to work all night again straight after...


A woman's work is never done...
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