April 10th, 2003


Cherry Blossom

:: Thursday, April 10, 2003 ::

Been shopping. Mother woke me on the mobile at 2pm and I couldn't sleep any longer. (Got back from work early at 4:30 this morning, but stayed up and cooked chilli mince and jacket potatoes. Yum!)
Bought a new liquid eyeliner in the chemist, plus a flower press, glass jar and a black silk cloth for my altar in the charidee shop next door. Struggled home at a snail pace with all the food shopping, and have been online since then.
Still need to look up how to get cuttings etc to grow...I have an entire branch of cherry blossom in a vase in the bathroom in the vain hope that it'll grow roots. It got blown off the tree in the next road over a couple of days back, and is still alive...and me wants my own cherry tree lol.

It'll never work...

Going to work again tonite 'round 9.15pm...gonna be stuck there till 6am tho now. I just know it. And I was *so* getting used to being around in daylight too...waaaaaa!!!!!

:: Vamp 4/10/2003 05:36:37 PM

You're Bauhaus, the grandfather's of goth. You
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:: Vamp 4/10/2003 05:30:13 PM