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"I like a nice cup of tea in the morning..."

Just woke up. I *know* it's 5:40pm or thereabouts...but I didn't get to bed till 9am...almost 23 hours up lol!

Twas a long day yesterday...did bank holiday overtime from 2pm to 5pm and walked home in my new hat, and then went back to work at 9pm to work through till 6am. Was on Duty Obs all night, running the shift with the WGM for 33 overtimers...and what a hard night it was...

...somehow or other we only had 33 keyers for the entire night...and about 160k worth of queued mail...I think they forgot that Scotland doesn't have a bank holiday...either way, no-one was going home early and we were very very busy indeed. I sat and watched lines on the screen, told people where to go and played Pokemon.

Also fell asleep for 40 mins at lunch break...

Got home at about 6:30 this morning, ate tuna noodles and went to bed with Bagpuss.

This is funny! Pikachu has such a foul mouth!! :

You're Tinkerbell!

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