Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Revolution/Ghost and Eye gig, Kings Head, 8pm

10:30am - Meeting Clara in town.

Oh whoops, I went shopping... Only spent 38 quid (only!), but it wasn't on the shoes I went in for as they've not arrived yet. (Black Mary Janes with kitty faces stitched in the front in white - can't get an 8 dammit!)...  Found a pair of jeans I actually really like - and fit right on my english figure -  and a pair of heeled mary janes for a tenner. Also bought a black velvet skirt w/ lace and sparkles for 4 quid.  Fairly successful shop - even got the bridesmaids shoes for Clara that she went in for too.  

2 goats tea
1 coffee
2 litres water
2 mini cheese rolls
3 mini onion bhajis
half mini pork pie
1 mini scotch egg
1 french fancy
1 ham roll
1 bowl frosties
4 vodka and cokes
1 VERY LARGE fryup at 4am. Bugger!

As you can see above - Mike got back from his gig at about 1am and then we went out drinking... Oops!

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