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Childhood TV Favourites...

vimster's reply to yesterdays post (and the fact that I am currently putting straps on my pyjama-case Bagpuss to make him into a rucksack) got me thinking about all the old tv programmes I used to love watching when I was 'growing up'...

I never watched much ITV either, it was mostly rubbish. My younger sister did...she loved 'Supergran', 'Mr Majeika', 'T-bag' and other such odious rot...

My favourite favourite programmes were mostly sci-fi based (geek that I was at such an early age), with the exception of one or two...I thought I'd list them here...

Battle of The Planets (otherwise known as 'G-Force' or 'Gatchaman') : it was the first Manga (as I recall) to ever be shown on british TV and I LOVED it!! My sister and I used to play 'G-force' ourselves...she was always Princess and I was always Mark...I had a blue sunvisor and she had a yellow one, so that was obvious...I think Mark was actually my first ever childhood crush...that or I wanted to *be* him lol!! At least until Michael Praed as Robin of Sherwood came along...

Blake's Seven : A space adventure series which ran from 1978 to 1981 (when I was 7/8 years old)...
I loved the main character, Avon...and was very very scared of Servalan!!!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Bagpuss : This I ABSOLUTELY ADORED!!!! I wanted to *be* Emily sooo much!!! But I cried buckets at the episode about the elephant who lost his ears...the mice used them for a sailboat...and everytime I heard the music for years after I'd involuntarily start sobbing...

The Adventure Game : Gronda Gronda!!! *bows to the aspidistra* This way predates The Crystal Maze...and was much cooler!! My sister and I made the Argond currency out of clear plastic and coloured paper with lots of sellotape...and I genuinely thought that the people swallowed up by the vortex if the ham-sandwich proved to be mistaken were truly gone forever...what would their families say???

The Flumps : I loved these...Pootle was my favourite...bit like Compo in that he never took his woolie hat off...they were northern/yorkshire fluff balls with noses. And don't stick a carrot in Grandpa Flumps Flumpet!! Songs I loved were 'If I were a fly on the ceiling...' and 'Balloons, Balloons'. Eh bah gum I remember it well!!

And not forgetting (although I've left out a few)...

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds : I think I was a bit older when these were on...I can still sing the opening song (much like Cities of Gold, and Willy Fog...which went on forever and ever). I only really loved it 'cause he looked like Snoopy!!

There's lots more...Doctor Who, Magic Roundabout, Roobarb etc etc...I could go on forever...

Most of my friends are younger than me and were into Gummibears, Inspector Gadget (as was my ITV addicted sis) and stuff like that...couldn't really relate:/

...but what were yours??


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