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Tell me why I don't like Mondays...

Mostly because I wake up nice and 10am or something daft...and then know i HAVE to stay awake all day and go to work at 9 in the evening, then work right thru till 6am the next morning, probably getting to sleep at about 9am on Tuesday after being awake for nearly 24hrs!!!

Rant over.

I woke, as per usual, at 10:30am. Read a trashy vampire book till 2pm. I'm trying to catch up on a massive bookshelf backlog...slowly getting there at a rate of about 3 books a week atm. I've rung the water board and changed my payment amounts to catch up again, done the same with the one to go is the council tax. I'm going to have to go in for that one and sit around for hours waiting to see someone as the bastards never answer the it can wait till tommorow morning when I'm in the mood for complaining about how many hours I've 'had to stay up just to see them' heheh...

Stayed in last night...watched a documentary about elephants and then watched 'Enter the Dragon' on Channel 5 followed by a 1971 Bruce Lee tv interview...went to bed for a coupla hours lie-down at about 1am. Promptly fell fast asleep and snoozed right thru till 10am today.

So here I am again, dear diary, nothing to do...nothing much to write either, but I'm perfectly capable at expounding on utter nonsense and trivialities for the best part least 3 paragraphs. I consider it a skill...

I don't have any overwhelmingly pondersome thoughts on the nature of existence to prattle, ramble or otherwise be overly verbose about today...sorry.

Although I must admit...I do somewhat revel in my ability to pull out the big words...should I, perchance, apply for dictionary corner?? Perhaps, she mused, I *have* been watching rather too much Countdown...

Actually...I do have to go to the shop for milk etc...haven't had a nice cup of tea in TWO days!!! Been drinking Jasmine Green Tea and Twinings Chamomile, Honey and Vanilla instead...I'm missing me PG to the shop it is...

Ta-ra me luvvers!!

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