Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

I am allergic to exercise.

You may be wondering why I've been recording what I've eaten each day for the last month.

It is, dear reader, because I am about to go all Bridget Jones on everybody and start moaning about my weight.

I weighed in at 13.4 stone two months ago, and had a minor panic attack. I am somewhat unfit due to a rather sedentary job...

Mike and I want to have children sometime this year - and I want a flat stomach before I start so I don't have to do twice the work to remove the bump afterwards, which means I have to start considering diet and exercise and all that healthy stuff.

The only weight I have 'extra' is on that womanly belly area, and I need to get rid of it. Fast.

I bought Rosemary Conley's Body Fat scales yesterday - going cheap at Plymco, and set them up today to find I HAVE LOST some weight, tho am still at 12.9 stone, but my Body Fat measurement is nearly 45%. That means I am insulated for the winter all over everywhere but my toes and head - but it needs to go...

Only I am allergic to exercise and have ABSOLUTELY no willpower to get up and sweat calories in the morning before work - then I get home and eat AFTER work...

I am going to cut down the Real Ale and just drink gin or red wine - and I'm also going to stop eating after work and bung it in a container for the next day.

I suppose I ought to get my bicycle out and cycle to and from work rather than ambleing home tickling kitties on the way also...


Any suggestions (constructive please) would be welcome. Is there anything else wrong with my diet of the last month other than all of it and the fact that I am such a lazy cow??


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