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I got to ride in an ambulance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what a night I had!!

Got to the pub at 7pm and gave Shauny his birthday present...which was an Inspector Gadget video lol! Had a glass of Moet et Chandon, and chatted a bit...then, as we were at a 'lad's pub', they were running a really ill-advised competition...the person who drinks the most chilli vodkas wins a twenty-five pound bar tab...

...naturally, some lad, and one of shauny's friends (who's name I shall not mention) took up the challenge. An hour later, and 17 chilli vodkas later, I was out the back of the pub with the aforementioned friend throwing up everywhere and trying to cut herself with a broken glass. I rang the ambulance.

The bar staff were absolutely useless, and, after staging such an irresponsible competition, and letting her have more even when we said not to, were just giving us attitude and refusing to help...I actually had an argument with one girl who refused to go get me a towel or anything when Shaun's friend was bashing her head on the floor and cutting herself in suicidal, drunken misery and rolling about everywhere...

The paramedics weren't much help either...were rude and took all my 'bossy, yet kind' words to persuade her to go in the ambulance and to assure the paramedics that she wasn't going to assault them, she was more of a danger to herself in the current situation. They were in favour of leaving her and calling the police. Much good that would do!!

Anyway, finally got to casualty and went straight in, saw a lovely Navy nurse, who was sympathetic and helpful (thank god!), and I stayed until 1am, when the doctor arrived and Shauny's friend had some private stuff that needed seriously discussing with the doctor.

I rang my dad and got him out of bed to get a lift home...couldn't afford the 15 quid or more taxi fee...

Popped in at my mother's and saw my Chloe-kitty...she is SOOOO much better, she was purring round my legs and talking to me, saying thankyou for the catnip mouse I bought her yesterday I expect. She loves it!! Had a cup of tea, got some old sewing patterns from my mum and dad dropped me home at about half past one.

Had a shower as soon as I got in...and now I have to handwash my black corset. Damn! I hope the girl is going to be ok, I've texted a few people, but I haven't heard anything since I got home last night. Hopefully someone will ring me later...

Why is it always me though?? Not that I mind...I kinda enjoy taking charge and helping people if they are in trouble, injured, sick or whatever. It's why I trained as a First Aider for work...and thank god I did...cuts, puke, unconsciousness...I mean...last week it was Jui-ehh!! who I spent all the way back from the boat trip looking after; mopping up her sick and holding her hair back...if it's not one, it's's either my age, or the fact that I'm the only one *not* panicking in a crisis...

Ho hum!!

Just had two cups of I'll have to run in a minute lol!

This quiz was done weeks ago...but I thought I'd post it here...
You are closest to the Lord Ganesha. Althogh he has
an interseting feature of looking like and
elephant, his power makes him strong and
faithful. Lord Ganesh is the God to remove all
obstacles in life. And because of his unique
figure, one of his forces is that he looks
beyond one's outer apearance. You are most like
this Great God because you are strong and not
all that judgemental but, you are human and it
can be something in you like all the rest of
us. Well Lord Ganesh like many other gods and
goddess are just all incarnations of the one
almighty god.

What Hindu God or Goddess are you like?
brought to you by Quizilla


Heard from Shauny. She checked herself out of hospital after I left...oh well...I did all I could.

Found this: Naughty Nancy

I *loved* this book as a very little girl...each page had a flip-over mid-section, so that there was a before and after to every page...I still have it, but it's practically falling apart...

Amazon Info:
Nancy was to be the flower girl in her sister's wedding -- a large church affair, with an elegant reception in the garden afterward. Nancy could hardly contain her excitement -- there were so many things with which to experiment. From riding up the aisle on her sister's long rain instead of holding it up to hiding in her sister's going-away trunk, she tried them all!

This tale of a funny, irrepressible, venturesome mouse who innocently causes one crisis after another -- by the artist who created Creepy Castle and Shrewbettinas Birthday -- will delight all beholders as it unfolds in lovely full color, without words and with half-pages that carry along a narrative full of delightful surprises.


I've been watching Trigun. I have the entire series on CD...really enjoying it so far.

Just went to get a cup of tea and there is a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly in the kitchen. I tried catching it, but it's I've had to open the window wide and shut the door:( Damn! I hope it gets out...I feel bad:/


I got bored and updated my user info so there's pictures lol! I really need to update it on my website too...but I can't upload anything till I buy more webspace...grahh!!

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