Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Most Odd.

Today I ate

1 mug tea
2 mugs coffee
2 and a half pints of beer
2 glasses red wine
Fry Up consisting of: fried egg, sausage, bacon, hash brown, 1 onion ring, black pudding, white pudding, beans and a slice of buttered bread.


As we got up rather late today (had to lug gig gear in at 1am last night) - around 2pm to be precise, we started the day rather late and then went to Goodbodies for a teatime fryup (see above).

At about 8:30pm we went out to the Fortescue to see the Odd Ball - a collection of random punk acts and whatnot - 1 band was outstandingly good, Chris' Harikiri Karaoke was entertaining as ever, but we did experience probably the worst student band we have EVER HEARD IN OUR LIVES!!!

Following which, we went to The Junction (Mike's sister Rosie was out with us), where we heard a run of the mill pub covers band who were actually rather good - and had a good chat to the girlfriend of one of Mike's drummer mates - comparing drum widow notes and how strong we'd got lugging all the band gear around. Marry a drummer, sign up as a roadie lol!

Got to sleep at about 4am I think.

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