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*whew" Retail Therapy is hard work!!

Just got back from town...

...overloaded with baggages and felt the need to get a taxi...which was pleasant enough as I had a ridiculous conversation with the driver all the way home speculating on the difficulties of taking a horse into town, rather than a car/taxi/bus/whatever...I said I should like to have one, and could keep it tethered in the park opposite...but in town...would it be customary to park it at the bank or leave it earning cash by doing tricks/giving rides at the sundial...'stay here, Silver, Missy VG is off to shop...'

Much hilarity ensued, and was invited to dismount as I got out of the taxi rofl!!! town I bought...a nice new shiny black satiny hat...with a chinstrap (which I'm going to replace with ribbon). It's sort of a flattish hat...with a ribbon round it and a wide a cross between Little Bo Peep and an old victorian riding hat.

Also went into Woolies to purchase Shauny's present...and got sidetracked by the video box set of Beauty and the Beast and the sequel reduced to 5.99. Out came the checkbook...oops!! They've got some fabulous new Swan Lake Barbies in there, but I absolutely mustn't!!!

And I trawled the charidee shops looking for victorian-style blouses, but found none...just got the aforementioned hat...brand new and clearly unworn for 3 piffling quid!!

That done with, off to Krazy Kuts for a card and chupa chups lollies...yummy!
And then Tesco's for the necessary household whatnots.

Now I'm back, just wanted to note down here what my purchases were, so I'm off now to write cardage, do wrappage, and lace myself up for tonight. Going out in 2 hours! Woohoo!!

Ooh I got white!! A moodring thing nicked from matthewnorth :

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You're no-nonsense, to the point, working all the time, looking to die an early death in a bathroom somewhere when your body finally gives out. Way to go.

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