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Truly Authentic Christmas Grotto...

Yes, the saga of the ceiling is properly over. Mike finished varnishing it yesterday evening.

We still have white plasterboard dust all over the floor and everywhere tho, but the wood ceiling looks lovely.

It would be sauna-esque if only we had central heating, but hopefully the chimney sweep will check the fireplace in the next couple of days so we can have a lovely coal fire for Christmas.

Hence the title above - white dusty floor, wood ceiling, roaring fire - rather seasonal if I do say so myself!

I have managed to complete all my Xmas shopping without even venturing near the nightmare which is town at the moment - and that hideous clinically shiny mall. All done on Mutley Plain no less, and most successfully!

*smuggy face*

I am over my flu, and now only have to tidy up the flat before we put the decorations up - probably friday for that then.

And a mate of mine has just finished putting a VERY OLD tape of mine onto cd - all my old songs and embarrassing band material from aged 15 to 19 - pure nostalgia but you wouldn't want to hear it!!

I get paid Thursday, and am somewhat flat broke - so am on a diet of cheapo tins of tomato soup and bread rolls at work till then.

My dear mamma has joined me up to a gym as a Christmas present - she seems to enjoy inflicting torture. Ho hum. Hope it has a sauna and a nice restaurant is all I say - I'd be wanting some decent compensation for being strapped to machines all morning...

Hope you lot are having fun in the run-up to Christmas!

*hugs all round*

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