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The sky's the limit...

Our lovely wood tongue-n-groove ceiling in our 23ft living room has to come down due to rented flat fire regulations.

We have had workmen in since 9am this morning - they started to pull it down and a good 2ft of insulating stuff that looked like vermiculite began to fall down with it - got about a quarter of the ceiling off and our living room looked like a giant litter tray...

So they gave up, and are now about to cover the ceiling in pink plasterboard instead - our dyson nearly gave up and the piles of substance on the floor had to be scooped up with shovel followed by dustpan and brush.

After the pink plasterboard, new tongue-n-groove will go over it - fireproofed this time, so the 'Save Our Ceiling' Campaign will eventually be successful, but OH GAWD what a mess!!

The cat has very sensibly stayed outside through all of this, and now that the living room doesn't hold any temptations, it will be safe to let her back in lol!

Going to take a couple of days, and the backroom is stuffed with things, as is the bedroom - and I have no clean bedding left as it is all being used for dustsheets.

I've been wearing a scarf over my nose all morning, and am now in work feeling decidedly knackered - and the day has not yet begun.

I dread to think what it's going to look like when I get home at half ten...

Will keep you all posted;)

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