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Mudkip! I choose you!!!

I only just woke up:/ I had stuff to do today, but I slept right through...grah!!

Work last night...didn't do an awful lot lol...was on duty obs all night, which meant I just sat and looked at screens and told the bosses where to go. Played Pokemon Ruby ALL NIGHT without being told off!!! Had the sound down, and just sat there flicking screens, ringing staff when necessary, and catching monsters hehhehe...

I started with Mudkip...called it 'Mumfie', and I'm playing a female char called Mana hehe...already got as far as Dewford and am on my way to Slateport to deliver a package of Devon corporation goods...need to catch more 'mon, and level them up to match tho...and I have my first gym badge...WOOOOOOOT!!!!!

AICC must also have been bored, as they rang me to talk about my website lol!

Got home at 6:15am, stayed up until about 9am, after cooking bolognese. Slept solid after that...right up until now, so I'm sat here, bleary-eyed with a cup of tea brewing beside me.

My mother just texted me to tell me my kitty Chloe (short-haired black and white persian cross, who lives at her house and I've had since she was a kitten) is in hospital on a drip:(((

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! My poor c-bag is ill??? I do hope she is ok:( I love her:(

Off now, things to do, need to text mother...

UPDATE: Mum just rang...she doesn't know if she'll be ok...thinks she was hit by a car!

UPDATE 2: Was hit by a car. No bones broken, but badly bruised. Still on a drip. *cries*

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