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Back to work. Oh joy!

I am back at work - it seems for a rest again.

Have had a lovely holiday but it has been somewhat hectic...

Let me see...

*casts mind back*

Last Saturday: Went to see Divine Comedy in Bristol - awesome gig, but the sound wasn't right on the cello. Got back about 2am.

Sunday: Cooked a big roast and had a night in with a bottle.

Monday: Mike teaching - I did some cello recording of songs and whatnot.
Tuesday: Went up to mothers to use internet, spent ages downloading pdfs and printing things for one of Mikes bands. Mike had a band rehearsal in the evening so I cooked spicy lamb and bean stew and jacket sweet potatoes.
Wednesday: Had a rehearsal of the 'Revolution' T-Rex band in our living room in the evening - I'm doing backing vocals. We are gigging on the 11th November at a convention.
Thursday: Mike teaching drums - did some more recording. Went to the pub till late.
Friday: Mike had a gig with Ghost and Eye - went along, drank too much gin.
Saturday: Went to a fangtastic Halloween party - Mike had a gig with Blue Angel. Got home about midnight so watched Addams Family till 3am.
Sunday (yesterday): Lazy day - went over to visit people, went to the pub, killed bambi and had a yummy venison stew - watched Addams Family Values.
Monday (today): Back to work.


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