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32 and addicted to The Archers!

I see recently that there is a lot of media fuss down here about how some family are 'braving it' for a life without television, internet and computer games.

Well, phooey!! I've not watched (or felt inclined to watch) tv for the last four years minimum. The flat I'm in currently (have been for the past 18 months) is a basement - has no TV reception, no landline, no internet and no mobile signal.

If people want to ring me they have to ring my mobile and I have to stand IN the window to get a signal. I only get to access internet intermittently at work, and if I want to watch tv I get videos or dvds and watch old episodes of The Avengers, UFO and suchlike. Occaisionally I shall watch a movie on a weekend with a nice bottle of wine - last Saturday I watched Gladiator - but my daily digest of news, views, current affairs and comedy comes from Radio Four.

Radio Four is my entertainment of choice, and yes, I have become slightly addicted to The Archers, but hey! I'm not going square-eyed and getting my brain turned to fudge like everyone else!

And not having a landline is nice. It means I don't get people ringing me that I don't particularly want to talk to.

/rant off

In other news, Strung Out Folk are gigging tonight at The Acoustic Cafe, Fortescue, Mutley Plain. We are playing after ten pm, which is when I get out of work. I am still doing DutyObs as there is no-one else to do it - and I ought to be at home being ill - because I am. Horrible stinking fluey ill. But at least I'm in quarantine in here with no-one to cough over.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

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