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They let me out...

I actually had to go home from work early this morning at 1am instead of 6am...have been very tired lately, and what with my flatmate's crisis etc I haven't had an awful lot of good sleep...hence me falling asleep at my desk for 10 minutes at a time at a lift home and will have to fill out paperwork for sick leave tonight. Joy!

Went to bed as soon as I got home...slept right through till midday...then I got up, dressed, and walked into town at about one in the afternoon to meet wildgift93.

Went to Boots and bought painkillers, vanilla coke and new black stupid ash-blonde roots are showing...'now it becomes clear' I hear you say...yesh sir I admit it...I'm a natural mousey brown/ash blonde who's been dying her hair black since she was fifteen hehehe.

Sat around the sundial with friends until wildgift93 arrived, then we went for cawfee and muffins up the road. I had regular cawfee and a huge chocolate muffin...piggy that I am hehe, then we went to the health food store...

...never have I seen such a range of different teas!! I got valerian plus (in case I need to sleep loads) and licorice tea as well...never tried it, but I love licorice so it should be nice hopefully. Also bought some herbal cigarettes...I'm trying to give up, but these are ginseng in one box, and marshmallow and vanilla in another...nicotine and tobacco free and only 2.50 for 20 instead of nearly a fiver...should be interesting anyway, and maybe the ginseng ones will keep me awake at work. (Here's hoping!!)

After that, Ralphy rang to tell me he was on the ferry to Ireland to do 3 gigs, so good luck with that if your reading this:)) And then we went down to Game...

...I BOUGHT POKEMON RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess what I'll be doing/raving about these next few days!!! I was obsessive enough over the last lot...PIKA PIKA!!!

Then went to macdonalds for yummage to take home and wildgift93's hubby dropped me home.

So now I am stuffed full of cheeseburger, and have a new motorette to add to my hooby-toy collection from maccy d. I'm still missing Hubba Hubba, but he's in Hoobland anyway. I have ALL the terrestrial hoobs...

...anyway...I'm now off to look through my shopping-haul and plug in POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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