Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle


Well, I have a stupid throat infection again - wonderful!

Everyone else is loving it, because I am going round at work moving teams and talking to people but I have an extremely husky voice. Naturally, I'm getting all the 'can you say that again' comments - but actually, it's rather sore and annoying!!

I would have rung in sick today, but I'm the only one left on the obs team this week - due to other members having to cover managers/are off on holiday/have not finished training/have quit etc etc - so I've had to come in and will be in here all week...

Ho hum. I've stocked up on throat sweets, lemsips and ibuprofen - you can stagger them at 2 hr intervals without much fuss as lemsips are just paracetamol. I had a lemsip at 12 lunchtime, so I'll have a couple of ibuprofen at two, the next lemsip at 4pm, more ibuprofen at 6pm and so on.

Last night I had a lovely hot brandy, but I can't get drunk at work sadly:/

I acquired this husky voice yesterday - was fine when I came into work, but they are digging a concrete channel in the car park and the dust must have got into the air circulation system. Since, as my sinuses are crap, I only breath through my mouth mostly, I had a husky voice within an hour of being in the building. Oh joy!!

And I have a stage one sickness procedure thingy at 3:30 today on account of my other sinus headache/infection absences.

My operation to open up the sinuses and correct the deviated septum has had to be postponed till start of February next year, so I'm going to suffer a bit over the xmas period. Basically, the hospital failed to send me a letter with the date of my op on it - so I never returned the bit I never got, and they stuck me to the bottom of the next six month waiting list...

I rang and complained - besides which, the op date was outside the six month patient charter by a week (I was put on the list 11th April!), and am now priority at the top of the next six month list. However, I have been told that if I don't get another letter in the first week of February then I have to ring them to find out if they've lost me again.

It's not the first time - they got a new ENT specialist in at the end of 2005 and lost me off the list then, and after having CT scans and whatnot, they lost those!!

After all this hassle and f**k ups, I hope the surgery goes ok!!

Ah well, enough of my moaning - just needed to vent.

On a cheery note, the cat is now using the cat-flap - we propped it open with a biro and she came in quite happily. She's not sure of the noise it makes when it shuts tho - and now it's pissing down with rain again I expect she'll not be wanting to go out much anyway...

Best be off,

Lizzi x

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