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Dartmoor Aftermath.

I am absolutely knackered.

Spent all weekend at the Dartmoor Folk Festival... Got the bus out to Tavistock on Sat morning and stocked up on mead - got picked up and went to South Zeal - where the tents and stuff had already been set up by Mike the night before...

Proceeded to get thoroughly drunk on the Saturday with tankards full of chocolate beer and Otter beer, Doombar etc - and singing in various areas of the two pubs in the village with random musicians - violins, guitars, pipes, borans and all sorts - even a SAW!! My bandmates didn't bring my 'cello so I had to sing instead...

Don't remember what time I got to bed Sat night/Sun morning, but I had a rotten headache...

Sunday I started about 12 lunchtime with a bottle of mead. Joined in with my friend Jodie (who I've not seen for ages) in some very violent Morris Dancing with big sticks - with the HookEagle Morris Group... Wandered round a few more music sessions, drank more mead...

In the evening we went to the Marquee and watched a whole load of acts whilst a HAUGE farm kitty sat on my lap!!!!

Was plastered by the time I got back to the tent around 1am. Massive sugar rush.

Got back today about 12:45 in the car and I've been at work since 2pm as usual.

Sat falling asleep mostly.

Ho hum.

Break over.

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