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Upcoming Gigs

This weekend Mike and I are off to Dartmoor Folk Festival. Steve and Alison are trying to convince me to take my 'cello so we can perform as our group 'Strung Out' - me on cello, Alison on boran/vocals, Steve on guitar/vocals, Mike on drums, Bryson on violin...

Not sure about going camping with a 'cello but there you go... I have found a one string african bowed instrument thingy which I might have a go at instead.

Upcoming Gigs For August/Early September

Weds 16th August: The Ghost and Eye at Bac Bar, Plymouth

Saturday 19th August: Freedom Fields Festival (The Ghost and Eye, Blue Angel and the rest...)

Thursday 7th September: The Ghost and Eye , Devil Riders and Blue Angel at The Hub, Plymouth

Further Details to follow...

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