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Le Analog Signal

The air in this building is weird.

I am stuffy as hell and unable to breath through my nose all afternoon - then by 5pm my throat goes husky and I sound like I'm bunged up something rotten...

Then come 8pm EVERY NIGHT, the airflow in the building increases and my entire head clears slowly beginning with crunching feelings inside the nose and right through to the back of my throat so that I have to swallow lumps - then I get sneezy and tingly and need to sneeze...

Then FINALLY by 9pm I can breath again, my voice is back to normal and I leave the building with a clearish head at ten pm.

Of course, mostly I leave the building with a clearish head - but if I also develop a sinus headache by 6-7pm I leave the building again able to breathe but with the vestiges of the headache - which will only go with painkillers.

I'm going to pester Facilities tommorrow to find out exactly how our 'Air Filtration' system is set up and WHAT HAPPENS AT 8PM???!!

Otherwise, I missed a damn good party last Friday on account of my mother conspiring against me with a mattress, and have spent the weekend listening to every track that Mike has played TWICE - as he had a heated debate at the drum shop on Saturday afternoon.

The old ANALOG v DIGITAL debate. Mike sides with Analog. Nik says Digital sounds better.

I side with ANALOG and have had to endure tracks first on vinyl then on cd alternately and even inbetween all weekend whilst Mike got it out of his system.

Apart from these asides,

I have set up as a blog to add bands to. Not set myself up as a Musician because I have only got 4 recordings of myself and two of these are covers.


If you're interested tho, Mike plays drums for Blue Angel and The Ghost and Eye - links on my friends section there...

Ta ta. Got stats to do.

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