Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Wet Weekend:/

Was woken this morning by some bizarre documentary on Radio Four about plastic ducks floating across the North West Passage from the atlantic ocean to the pacific. Oh gawd!! I knew the dead duck in my shower had a secret agenda, but this was ridiculous....

We were supposed to be going camping this weekend - as it's pretty much the only weekend we've had off from gigs and whatnot all summer so far - but it's RAINING. So that's that!

I am now sat in the Drum Centre where Mike works, he's discussing drum stuff with great enthusiasm, and there is a little girl in here with a guinea pig that she's carrying around. A big black one. Yum - dinner sorted then.

In a couple of weeks time we are off to Dartmoor Folk Festival for three days, the weekend after that is the Freedom Fields Festival - Mike is going to be drumming with three different bands that day and, as they are borrowing his kit (he's sponsored by Mapex) will have to spend the day there I expect. I plan on going shopping instead...

Work schtuf: I have applied for a coaching position at work which will give me even more time off keying with any luck. I have an interview and geography test in a fortnight, and next week I shall spend all week being trained up to coach people, use the software etc etc. I'm rather looking forward to it!

Am still waiting for my sinus operation - but am expecting it to be anytime in the next twelve weeks. Am NOT looking forward to that as everything I've read online about the operation tells me I'm going to have drainage tubes and splints up my shnoz for ten days after and will be pouring blood and snot out of it for several days after while it heals. Yuck!!

Apart from that, everything's great - we are even going to do some TIDYING this weekend. Mike went shopping yesterday and FINALLY bought some cube storage for the 600+ vinyl collection we have taking up a third of the living room in plastic boxes. Got a nice ottoman to put some records in too, but the cat likes it so much its getting very very hairy - and I've only had it three days! ARG!!

Okey dokey,

Think that's about it for now, but looks like I'm going to be stuck in the Drum Centre for a good hour yet. Don't get paid till Monday so I can't go shopping either. Bugger!!

Hope you're all having a good summer, and I'll do my best to catch up with everyone soon!



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