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The lights went out all over Europe - almost...

I have been sat on Duty Obs at work all day - all the lights have gone out twice, and apparently this is because we were struck by lightning. There is no lightning rod on the building currently, and the building is also covered in scaffold - as the repairs are due for next month.

Luckily the computers are on their own special 'uninterruptible power supply', so they're ok.

I'm going to run all the way home and avoid any metal whatsoever.... Me no like thundertorms!!

In other news, have been very busy recently with gigs/rehearsals and whatnot. The summer season is upon us, so lots of bbqs and parties and playing of 'cello etc etc. Might get something together band-wise at some point, who knows??

Married life has settled down to happy domesticity, and we have spent some of our wedding vouchers on kitchen stuff - notably feeding our addiction to Le Creuset cookware with the addition of a couple more pots, pans and heart-shaped flan dishes, and also more kitchen knives - we have lots of big 'psycho knives' and I don't like them, so we now have a reasonable collection of shorter parers etc that I prefer to use.

Going up to the motherships house tomorrow - might stick some more photos up. We still have all the honeymoon ones to get through, following which I shall be mostly dealing with cake: who needs it, where to send it, and exactly HOW to send it without it falling into pieces!!

Okey doke, better get back to the job - figures to do and whatnot!

Ta ra!

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