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Somehow or other I appear to have suddenly got internet access at work on my dutyobs account.

Not going to hold my breath - but will be useful while it lasts.

Have had a very busy day - up at 8am to help Mike's sister move from a flat in London to a flat in Plymouth - she is working as a graphic designer in Totnes.

Then work - lots of number crunching as per usual - almost broke a tooth/nail...

When I get home (approx half an hour) I have to re-arrange the back room in preparation for an upright piano that is being delivered 9:30 in the morning along with a large carpet... Parents are moving house shortly and we've been donated a few things that won't fit in the new one.

Also, I have a new red Audi 80 (1992 K reg)- (and a matching pair of fluffy dice) - and am planning on taking driving lessons in the near future. I've failed twice in the past but was young and reckless - but now reasoning dictates that one day I'll have to do the school run (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT - but I am married and thinking about it...) so I have to learn to drive. Yuck.

I'd rather have a pony!!

Anywho, best get off this comp now and look busy....

*hugs to all*

PS: hope you aren't too sick of wedding photos by now - there are still the honeymoon ones to go!!!

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