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Corrupted Jpgs, HELP!! (and other waffle)

I can't even remember the last time I sat down at a computer and did an update on this journal.

Forgive me.
I have been crap indeed...

I've been rather busy what with one thing or another, and since Mike got interested in digital photography it's been even harder to get on the comp at my mothers. If mother isn't on it, he is.

Or was.

And I forgot all my passwords to everything for a bit too.

We got a new iBook last week... So he won't be on here anymore, and I'm up here staying the night on my own because I have a blood test at the doctors next door first thing (9.20am), and there's no way in hell I'd be able to get up that early and get to the doctors on time without staying here and I've not been allowed to eat or drink anything but WATER since 10pm. The doctors is literally next door and as soon as the blood's been taken I'm raiding the cupboards!!

Anywhoo, the last few months have been full of gigs, bouts of flu, and all sorts of things. The latest conundrum is with disappearing jpgs!!

PROBLEM: The Curse of the Vanishing JPG

A whole load of digital photos transferred from card to computer on mothers (this) pc, suddenly lost all of their info and wouldn't display at all after being fine for a few days. Cue loads of panic about viruses...

New virus software later, and lots of scans and scratching of heads as nothing turned up, Mike burned the remaining pictures to cd, and put them on the Mac.

Mac os X 10.4, Tiger. Unix.

Therefore no risk of disappearing jpg if it WAS a virus still, surely??

Ah. The jpgs have still been disappearing in iPhoto on the Mac, and taking others with them after they've been edited in some way four days or so later. I viewed them in IrfanView, Hex info is just a ton of zeros in binary...

Have been trawling forums... I think the 1 gig CF memory card thingy for the camera may be a bit shagged, but I don't see why it would take other seemingly innocent piccies down with it, unless they were done on the same card, and I simply can't remember if they were.

Have found forums with ppl with similar problems but they have no idea either....

Can anyone shed any light on this?? We have a Canon EOS D60 digital camera, and have been using a 1 gig Jessops CF memory card wotsit...



In Other News

Preparations are underway for Xmas.

I lied. I have half the shopping done, no decorations or tree or anything up yet tho.

We are having Mike's sister and fiance down to stay for Xmas and new year, and we haven't sorted out the room for them yet, or anything. How crap are we??

Hopefully we shall have internet access at the flat in the new year, but the main moan atm is from our visitors that because we live in a basement flat we have no aerial. ie. NO TV SIGNAL AT ALL!!!

Imagine a world without TV!!!

I can. I have lived without tv for months now: I have plenty of DVDs and videos, but our visitors are unused to this. Ho hum.

Just looked at 'recent'

Okay, since September I have been to a weekend-full of dodgy Halloween parties, November was fireworks and the usual fear of big rockets, I went and got measured for a bra (for wedding underwear) and discovered that I have been wearing a 38B for the last four years when in fact I'm a 38D (!!) and I have had flu three times, (not including the preventative injection)...

That pretty much sums it up, apart from Mike's gigs and stuff, which have all gone very well indeed.

I PROMISE I'll try and keep up with people on here more often. Until I get the 'net (and a landline for starters) I'll do my utmost to do a monthly epistle at least:))

*slinks off, head hung low*

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