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I am still alive. But I am older also.

Yesterday I was 31.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total confirmation that I am now in my thirties...


Anyway, I have been on holiday since last friday and spent sunday to wednesday down in Cornwall with Mike doing painting and decorating for Keith - bloody hard work but good wine and food in the evenings made up for the pain. (as did putting ALL the different types of radox available on the shelf into the bath every night...)

Last night was a good night out at the Acoustic Cafe after a day of lazing around doing nothing in particular, and I am now up at dear mamma's to pick up pressies and get on tinternet - not got it at home yet and just been through a thousand emails in my inbox.

Later I am off for a haircut and tonight I am off to Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew. It's a new 'punk' version so it should be fun (?)

I'm back to work next week and have quit nightshift finally - will be working from 2pm til 10pm instead which I am SO looking forward to!!!

Alright, best get on...

Hopefully I'll be getting tinternet in the next month or so - and in the meantime, most of you have my mobile number - tho living in the basement means I don't get a signal AT ALL unless I stand by the window or go outside:/

*big hugs to you all*

Me xx

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